Fine in terms

Fitter Sacker Company has been doing fine in terms of functions of its two main divisions selling products at whole sale and direct sailing respectively. However, we are aware that the company is having relating to sales orders, pricing, delays, missed deliveries and so forth. With reference to Kellogg’s experience, our intention is to convince you about the remarkable benefits of developing Sales operation and planning process towards addressing problems relating to pricing, delays and other problems stated above.

For your information, Kellogg Company have suffered the same dilemma with regards to pricing, delays, missed deliveries, and so on. Despite the high demands, Kellogg never had experienced increase in sales in savings or profits because of frequent changeovers, excessive production resulting to damage goods, often incorrect sales forecast, and inefficient distributions that results most of the time to redeployment of product to accomplish the order. By utilizing sales operation and planning process, Kellogg has experience tremendous sales increase and savings as well as profits.

What is sales operation and planning process? Sales and operations planning process are detailed plans that are rolled into overall plan. SOPP is an integration of the company’s functional areas of operation. Developing sales and operation process will undoubtedly improve Fitter Snacker’s sales performance because it will help avoid much of the problems confronting the company such as incorrect pricing, excessive call to the customer for information, delays in processing orders, missed deliveries, and so on because details and other information regarding customer’s concern is not monopolized by a single department.

In other words, every department can be functional to address this concern. Shared information on customers concern is doing business on the customer’s point of view which is more effective. In order to further enhance the potential for success, we recommend that make use of the enterprise resource planning system because it can help integrate company operations. The advantage of using ERP it eliminates redundant data and communications lags.

But most importantly, “the system allows data to be entered once, and then used throughout and communication to be entered once, and then used throughout the organization” (Chapter 2, 26). Through this, the sales personnel taking an order can confirm the availability of the desired material in just the shortest time possible. In other words, when the sales person enters the sales order into the system, the order data will be immediately available to production so everything will follow smoothly. Conclusion

Adopting sales operation planning process will certainly help Fitter Snacker address the problem confronting the business operation. This is proven in the Kellogg’s experience that saw the tremendous increase of its sale and profits. We would like therefore to assure you that implementing Sales operation planning process can help your company experience tremendous success Work Cited Chapter 1”Business Functions and Business Process” Chapter 2 “The Development of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems