Finding a Tax Preparer

Finding a tax preparer is not as difficult task as it may seem from the first glance. It is relatively straightforward process which takes usually 1-2 hours. Before looking for the person required, it is necessary to re-assure that the following documents are available: tax documents, photo identification, social security card, checkbook for direct deposit and copy of the tax return for the last year. Only based on these documents a tax preparer will file the taxes. Otherwise, the process might be defined as violation of the tax law.

The reasons for seeking a tax prepare are the following: management of a complex tax situation with professionalism or creation of a customized tax strategy. A person may refer to a CPA (professional accountant registered by the state) or to an Enrolled Agent (tax professional registered by the IRS). CPA is argued to be best suited for corporate accounting, business counseling or tax audits, whereas Enrolled agent is the best variant for tax audits, complex tax issues and tax collectors. Therefore, a common worker should refer to Enrolled Agent and should be prepared to pay from $150 to $450.

The payment depends largely on the complexity of the tax return. One important moment to admit is that it is better to ask for a senior-level tax prepare as some employees may be less trained. Of course, everyone wants to see their tax returns accurate and precise. Therefore, tax professionals must guarantee the accuracy and speed of their work. In conclusion it is necessary to underline that finding a tax preparer is an easy process. Before looking a person should think what reasons tax preparer is needed for.

If the person needs taxes done quickly, he should refer to nationwide tax franchises. If the person needs tax plan for future, he should better refer to CPA or Enrolled Agent. Finally, if the person has to handle complex tax situation (owning a small business, living outside the country, filing back taxes, etc. ), he should find specialist in particular sphere. Remember the more complex the situation the larger the payment will be. References Perez, William. How to Find a Tax Preparer. Retrieved October 15, 2008, from http://taxes. about. com/od/findataxpreparer/ht/taxpreparer. htm