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Globalization had been seen by many as the victory of capitalist democracy. The political outcome of globalization has two pronged affect one is ensuring that there is no violation of the human rights and other is the reign of peace. This is possible when the political and the civil rights of individuals in a country are safeguarded. Mutual respects of each others religion culture are essential if globalization has to be seen as positive force.

The cultural diversity seems to be threatened as the uniformity brought about the process of globalization is seen as a force that is going to establish the culture and norms of the so called developed nations of the occident. Globalization is process that can be utilized as an instrument of capitalism and can create inequalities. The divisions with in societies are primarily caused by these inequalities. The process of globalization has undermined the role of the states in the development of the society.

Globalization has resulted in an increased demand of improving the quality of life, removal of inequity etc on the governments of the countries across the globe. This is an addition of the original function of the state is to control the law and order situation provide basic necessities, health and education. There is an increased pressure to formulate foreign policies in a manner that the national interests are safeguarded. Since its inception international relation has studied how domestic politics interacts with international politics.

Classical liberals like Adam smith and David Ricardo favoured the open market economy of globalization in which individuals are free to trade with whomsoever they liked without the restriction of governments. There would be a free and increased flow of wealth. There is close connection between wealth and politics if wealth is concentrated in the hands of few means that they are ones who are going to fund the election campaigns and hence are able to manipulate the results. It has been seen that since the absence of Soviet Union and the end of the cold war that there has seen increased military intervention on part of U. S.

A in the domestic affairs of the under developed nations of the world. The military intervention of U. S in Iraq went forth with fear of retaliation because China abstained from the Security Council were the decision to launch the offensive was taken and USSR had dissolved. Most of nations in the Middle East are beset with problems regarding ethnicity and religion. There is lack of political identity and assort of fragmented politics is practiced Economic inequalities further exaggerate these problems.

The advantages of the process of globalization can be fully harnessed by those countries that have a functional democracy The overriding concern with the globalization is that it is going to mitigate the differences in culture religion kind of governance between various nations of the world. This negative outcome could have resulted in a very positive result that it would have replaced the hegemony of the few nations with granting equal status to all the nations of the world irrespective of their financial status and level of development.