Financial Records

My adult duties of financial manager vary with their specific title, which include controller, treasurer and finance officer, credit manager, cash manager, and risk and insurance manager. My adult direct the preparation of financial reports that summarize and forecast the Shell UK LTD financial position, such as income statements, balance sheets, and analyses of future earnings or expenses. My adult also is in charge of preparing special reports required by regulatory authorities. Often, my adult oversee the accounting, audit, and budget departments.

Treasurers and finance officers direct the Shell UK LTD financial goals, objectives, and budgets. My adult oversee the investment of funds and manage associated risks, supervise cash management activities, execute capital-raising strategies to support a firm's expansion, and deal with mergers and acquisitions. My adult deals with credit managers oversee the firm's issuance of credit. My adult establish credit-rating criteria, determine credit ceilings, and monitor the collections of past-due accounts.

My adult specializing in international finance develop financial and accounting systems for the banking transactions of multinational Shell UK LTD . My adult monitors and controls the flow of cash receipts and disbursements to meet the business and investment needs of the firm. For example, cash flow projections are needed to determine whether loans must be obtained to meet cash requirements or whether surplus cash should be invested in interest-bearing instruments.

Risk and insurance managers oversee programs to minimize risks and losses that might arise from financial transactions and business operations undertaken by the institution. My adult also manages the Shell UK LTD insurance budget. Financial institutions, such as commercial banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, and mortgage and finance companies, employ additional financial managers who oversee various functions, such as lending, trusts, mortgages, and investments, or programs, including sales, operations, or electronic financial services.

Branch managers of financial institutions administer and manage all of the functions of a branch office, which may include hiring personnel, approving loans and lines of credit, establishing a report with the community to attract business, and assisting customers with account problems. My adult financial manager who work for financial institutions must keep abreast of the rapidly growing array of financial services and products. In addition to the general duties described above, my adult performs tasks unique to their Shell UK LTD.

My adult financial manager plays an increasingly important role in mergers and consolidations. These areas require extensive, specialized knowledge on the part of the financial manager to reduce risks and maximize profit. My adult financial manager increasingly is hired on a temporary basis to advise senior manager on these and other matters. In fact, some small firms contract out all accounting and financial functions to companies that provide these services.

The role of my adult financial manager, particularly in business, is changing in response to technological advances that have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to produce financial reports. My adult financial managers now perform more data analysis and use it to offer senior managers ideas on how to maximize profits. They often work on teams, acting as business advisors to top management. My adult need to keep abreast of the latest computer technology in order to increase the efficiency of their firm's financial operations.

Work/Social Interactive whiteboard My adult uses an interactive whiteboard because in order for his employees and employers to understand effectively and efficiently an interactive whiteboard is the latest technology that would be able to give a easier and quicker way of understanding. My adult prefers to use an interactive whiteboard so that it also allow him to easily put information on to and faster and the most important that it saves time which this allows him to complete other task.

An interactive whiteboard allows my adult to make any corrections instead of re-writing out all information all over again on a paper based system and also if there is any information not included then he would be able to allow a regular update. Changes in the Workplace How has ICT caused my adult work and their workplace to change since my adult has worked there ? For my adult ICT has had a dramatic change in his particular position as being in-control of the finance and purchasing departments. It has lead him to a effectively and efficiently working conditions.

It has saved a lot of time and saving time in a business leads to a greater producing production and sales increase. Since my adult has been presently being manager at Shell UK LTD advanced technology has boosted up sales and production and for the result for Shell UK LTD this leads to a greater job satisfaction and greater working environment. How has my adult adapted to those changes ? My adult has been working for Shell UK Ltd over ten years and he has eventually adapted new and advanced technology.