Finance. C. market and competition

1. The basic condition of tourismWith the gradual implementation of the western development strategy, people who travel to China are gradually increased, China has received 3.87 million tourists in2002,t he country’s tourism revenue was 4.572 billion yuan.

2. The basic condition of Koala HotelShanghai Municipal Tourism Bureau official authorized 320 star hotels in Shanghai, including 32 five-star hotels, 47 four-star hotels, 128three-star hotels, 93 two or one star hotels. 3. The condition of consumer

Our guests can also be divided into foreign tourists and domestic tourists. According to the National Bureau of Statistics and the National Tourism Administration sample survey, 42% of foreign tourists are for sightseeing. Business and friends are secondly reasons.

4. The price and occupancy rateOur hotel’s price range widely indifferent seasons. According to the situation of 2011 to 2012, after considering the team guests’ discount factors, the actual price of our hotel standard room is about $ 240 per room in high season, if it is off-season, the price will be $ 200. According to the assessment of the Professionals in our hotel, our hotel occupancy rate is around 60% to 62%. Among them, the hotel occupancy rate is about95 percent in July, August, September, the hotel occupancy rate in May, June, October,is about 65%, from November to April in the hotel occupancy rate percentages of about 40.

E. Investment1. The evolution of investmentAccording to the positioning of our hotel, we will follow the three-star standard decoration. Our hotel is forecast to invested 12 million yuan. Among them, the company has invested 3.2 million yuan, and has completed preparatory work and interior decoration of the hotel. We still need to invest 1.8 million yuan for the equipment and facilities procurement andbusiness’s start-up capital. We plan to invest 7 million yuan to rebuild old building and KTV. Thinking about the feature of our hotel, we plan to rebuild the hotel 5 or 8 years later and invest 3.6 million yuan. 2. Income, cost and profits

(1) The forecast of the hotel revenueAccording to the basic condition of Koala Hotel, the rent rate in the peak season, the shoulder seasons and the off-season are 95%, 60% and 40%. NumberProjectThe peak seasonThe shoulder seasonsThe off-seasonTotal1The standard room

1.1Income153900087750086400032805001.2The unit price240200160

1.3The number of check6412.54387.55400162001.4Rent rate95%65%40%


2.1Income3888002052001764007704002.2The unit price480380280

2.3The number of check81054063019802.4Rent rate90%60%35%

2.5Days90901803602.6Rooms101010103The total number of the check

181804Total income

4050900(2) The forecast of the restaurant in the Koala hotel

NumberProjectQuantityThe number of each tableConsumption per personAttendanceThe daily income1Balcony

1.1Total income


2.1Total income



2887.25Total revenue

17323.2(3) The chart of the total costCostFirst year2-6 years6 years laterDepreciation434782.6111014501701450Franchise fees1800000018000001800000Management and administrative fee1441819.781441819.781441819.78Marketing costs552758.24574939.04574939.04Energy consumption757790906290906290Property maintenance413340494340494340The cost of rooms1344520.81344520.81344520.8Catering2650499.62650449.62650449.6Other414568.68431204.28431204.28Total9810029.7110745013.511345013.5

(4) The forecast of profitNumberProjectTotalYears

123-561Sales revenue178427472138189561441895615018956150189562Taxes of additional12972270.96764222.581001822.581120622.581120622.583Cost131605178.169810029.7110745013.510745013.510745013.54Total profits33850022.883244703.712672119.923153319.923153319.925Income tax rate

0%15%33%6Income tax7515162.99

472997.991040595.577After tax26334859.893244703.712672119.922680321.942112724.358Surplus reserves2633485.99324470.37267211.99268032.19211272.439The community chest1316742.99162235.19133606134016.1105636.2210Distributable profits22384630.92757998.162271301.942278273.651795815.7