A Fight for the Legalization of Cocaine

There are many reasons to support the legalization of cocaine. Overall there are many social problems and issues that could be solved with the legalization of several currently illegal drugs including cocaine. The idea here is that there will be more room in prisons for the violent criminals that are currently released in order to free up room and space for those who are being convicted at a very fast rate of drug possession, use and distribution charges. There could also be great revenues available from the taxation of cocaine and other currently illegal drugs.

The main purpose is that cocaine should be legalized and there are many reasons that this legalization should be supported. The best plan of action is for the government to seize control over the cocaine abuse issues and to assign a taxation that will be fair in order to be able to manage the overall income that could be created as part of the taxation revenue as well as to look at the advantages of freeing up some space in the prison systems. Overall cocaine should be legalized in the Untied States. There are many reasons that cocaine being legalized is a good idea and something that could benefit the country.

The overall plan of action would be for cocaine to be legalized and for the government to monitor it strictly, therefore there would be less problems than if it were to continue to be a free-for-all as it has been in recent years. Also there are no victims to the crime of cocaine use except for the user, the prisons are over-crowded from drug offenses, and there are so many other reasons that would justify there being the taxation and legalization of cocaine. The overall reasons that this would benefit the country is that financially there would be great gains.

No longer would drug court and the criminal housing take the taxpayers money in this case however instead those who were using cocaine would be paying in to the tax system and would be contributing to the country’s economic crisis. Overall the best thing about legalizing cocaine would be the benefits to the American taxpayers who are currently having to deal with many issues because of the facts that criminals who are being prosecuted for drug offenses are crowding the court and prison systems. These criminals would in turn have to be able to pay bills and follow through with the taxation process but would not be in trouble.

This would help to be able to take dangerous criminals who have been in trouble for violent or sexual crimes off of the streets and would help to keep them in prisons as well. So legalizing cocaine could give the benefit of a safer America as well as an America that was not having such a hard time economically. The legalization of cocaine would also provide some jobs in the economy for those who were able to distribute and sell the drugs as well as for those who work on the chemical manufacturing and growing side of the drug process.

The overall principle for this idea of the legalization of cocaine is that there would be a brighter better tomorrow in America if cocaine were legalized. This is because the revenue of the sales of cocaine could easily pay for many other issues and problems that are associated. There would also be a reduction in certain violent crime as the drugs would be taken off of the street and would be sold in more stable and important environments. Agreeably the places that sold drugs like cocaine would have to have extra security and safety measures but in the end the sale of legalized cocaine could really prevent a lot of crime.

Another important issue in the fight for the legalization of cocaine is that the USDEA states that cocaine should remain illegal as it causes harm to the body. The overall fight against this belief is that an adult should have the ability to choose what he/she will be putting into his/her body. If this is the case then it should be against the law to be overweight as those who are overweight are putting too much food into their bodies and are putting themselves at a risk to have health problems from these issues.

This goes outside of the scope of the law as there are many reasons that the government should not be able to tell people how they have to care for their bodies. This is because each individual should have a choice in what they put into their bodies and in how they care for their bodies. If this government issue continues there is a chance that in the future there will be a problem with people who are overweight facing political persecution and facing possible jail. Another issue would be that eventually smoking and drinking will both be problems as well.

In the end the legalization of cocaine is something that will not cause negative effects to anyone but those who choose to have the negative effects. There are less outside people that are affected than with smoking cigarettes as those who are exposed to second hand and third hand smoke can have great health problems. The issue with there being no victims is very important in the fight for the legalization of cocaine as a crime without victims should not be regulated so strictly. There are really no real reasons that the sale of cocaine should not be legalized.

In one study that looked at drug users and whether or not they believe that drugs should be made legal. The results showed that those who were regular users of drugs like cocaine, crack, speed and LSD (to name a few) were more likely to be in support of legalizing all drugs including cocaine (Trevino and Richard 91). In opposition there are those who believe that the government has the responsibility to protect the citizens through the principle of paternalism. This belief is that there are definite issues with those who are in control and power and that they should be able to prevent people from doing things that will cause harm to them.

There are many reasons that there is support in this belief, one of the biggest is that there is an idea that taxpayers are paying for the medical care for those who have been involved in these types of activities. This belief is one of the reasons that so many people agree with these types of laws and restrictions that are put on the people. However there have been no real statistical information or studies that have centered on these beliefs and therefore there should not be a reliance in these ideas.

Furthermore there needs to be a lot more information that is available to the public. The public needs to be informed and aware of what is happening and what the federal government is doing by placing restrictions on certain answers. Theses restrictions include the things like one not being able to partake in cocaine use legally. Those who want to use cocaine should be able to legally and should not have to answer to the government for what they choose to do in their recreational free time.