The Fight against Domestic Terrorism

Criminals’ behavioral profiles provided the FBI a strategy to identify the major personality and behavioral patterns of suspected terrorists. Common trait factors include common indicators such as rugged personality, anti-government, attraction to conspiracy theories and most specially racism. In some way this can be useful as it can give a hint as to the character of the possible terrorists although this can be unreliable or inaccurate at times. Government intelligent agencies have used this method to guide them in tracking down terror groups hoping to prevent major terrorist attacks.

Controversies or issues surrounds the issue like the case of “ethnic or racial profiling” where some innocent people maybe wrongly accused of being a terrorist. There are incident that the criminal’s profile is too absurd or irrational. American Law Enforcement and the Fight against Terrorism American law enforcement has made great efforts to combat terrorism although there were records of history of intelligence failure in preventing the incidence of domestic terrorism. The FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation for instance serves as the lead agency for the investigation of domestic terrorism.

There is also the JTTF or the Joint Terrorism Task Forces that are set-up throughout the US in strategic, geographical areas. Local law enforcement plays an important role in the fight against terrorism. The whole intelligence community coordinates with one another. Domestic counterterrorism and counterintelligence requires labor -intensive and highly trained personnel. The FBI is specifically tasked and funded for specialized units. Different responsibilities and various capacities are assigned to a number of agencies that provide strategic intelligence to carry out important security studies.

This may include identifying local threats, cyber warfare, narcotics trafficking and also weapons of mass destruction. The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing The WTC 1993 attack is an act of war. People all know that the twin towers were such a symbol of economic power. Theories of conspiracies surround and abound the 1993 WTC bombing. Most of the people believe that transnational coming from the third world countries or Muslim countries are usually the masterminds or instigators of this kind of crime. On another side there are some who believed that the government is behind the attack.

There are thoughts of the possibility of a state sponsored terrorism and that homeland security is really useless and no guarantee. There are many angles to look at the real motives of the World Trade Bombings. Most common reasons for the occurrence of these attacks may include cultural conflicts brought by modernization, secularization and globalization. This may also be brought by fanaticism with racial, religious or political ideologies. Still people can look at it that it is a form of revenge or hate crime against the American people.

The American government may not have prepared itself enough in this kind of surprise attack because the law enforcement is caught defenseless and totally unguarded. Since terrorism is a premeditated attack careful planning is done to ensure that it will work. The perpetrators know the right time while the security enforcement seems to overlook things like this to happen. Terrorism is really an obvious form of present day Evil. It targets innocent civilians and other non-combatants. There really are groups of people or the terrorists groups who finds satisfaction in organizing this kind of crime.

They are highly motivated to launch attacks and have their works promoted by the media. Successful terror attacks will give them sense of purpose and accomplishment. The first World Trade Center bombings seem to be a type of domestic terrorism since the casualties and damages was not as tragic as the second September 11 bombings. The World Trade Center had since then the greatest target for attack. Monitoring Terrorists Groups From the internet one can found news releases about certain terrorist groups but there are times that they are not reliable enough as primary source of information.

There could be deceptions or misleading information on the internet content about these known terror groups. Source reliability, content validity, and classification system are important to consider in the standard law enforcement method in gathering data. The secrecy and security of the information obtained are also important in the monitoring of the terror groups since possible leakage of information can occur. Information obtained can be classified as confidential, secret to top secret and other highly sensitive information.

Monitoring should be intensive and continuous to gather enough knowledge and vital information about the terror groups. The FBI for example has long maintained their own online computer database known as the TIS or Terrorist Information System. All of these provide important data that can be used to monitor the activities, profiles and nature of known terror groups. One of the issues surrounding the monitoring of terror groups are the security and privacy of ordinary citizens. To catch the criminals the government has to search everybody by invading their privacy and security.

Civil liberties need to be sacrifice to block terrorist groups from their plots. More than ever the law enforcement has tightened security measures giving them more power to conduct surveillance and investigation. E-mails, phone calls, credit cards, national ID system will be open for the government investigations. Officials can also conduct search and seizures anytime they want. The greater the threat of terrorism the more the citizens of that nation will expect that the law enforcement will be more restrictive and that more violation of human rights might occur.

The government should be aware of the potential acts of terrorism by being alert in identifying the pattern of force, violence and intimidation of a terrorist group. Domestic Terrorism vs. International Terrorism The American nation has recorded many incidences of domestic terrorism and most recently international terrorism that draw the attention of the whole world. Is the US a nation popularly victimized by violence? In other nations around the globe there are also numerous records of domestic and international terrorism. The US even though it is a powerful nation hasn’t escaped the blow of terrorism.

Then what could be the greatest threat to the US in the long run? Is it domestic or international terrorism? If we are going to compare, both of them are serious threat to the national security and peace and order of a nation. The level of violence between domestic and international terrorism differ from one another. They are both highly organized and are lead by sophisticated terror groups. The damage to human life, economy and morality of a nation are tremendous and devastating. The key words relating to terrorism are the words “freedom fighters or ideology fighters”, “politically motivated” and “audience”.

Like what others describe terrorism is like a game where there are opposing teams aiming to win, and a large crowd or the audience. Domestic terrorism can be local news only but can be sensationalized by the media while international terrorism gains worldwide audience in an instant. Both of the two forms of terrorism are serious threat. Domestic terrorism is local compared to international terrorism but if it is not monitored and controlled by the law could also lead to great damage. Some of the known domestic terrorists include the KKK and Black Panthers.

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