Fictitious Business Description

HRIS type

Castle’s Family Restaurant requires the application of HRIS which will manage information about the employee, analyze employee information, manage resumes and new applications and also complete payroll integration with other financial accounting software in the company hence ensuring efficiency in HR functions (Michael J. & Mohan T. 2008).

The HR of the company spend a lot of time and resources traveling to the different branches of the company so that he can recruit, monitor employees performance and also answer employees questions. As a HR consultant, I would in my business plan advise the company to implement the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) which monitors payroll and personnel information, it focuses on data, its storage, processing sand also the flow of information at the operational level.

 This system has integrated files for all jobs in HR; it is efficient in the processing of data and is capable of summarizing reports for the HR management. This system will therefore help the HR to automate all the routine functions of the employees (Michael J. & Mohan T. 2008). The implementation of this type of HRIS will save the company time and resources which could have been used by the HR in traveling in different braches and hence increasing the HR efficiency in its operations. EDP automation of employee routine will enable the HR to monitor the performance of the employees in his office. Since this HRIS is electronic, he will also be able to answer employee questions through the internet. Most of Castle’s Family Restaurant resources are used by the HR in performing his functions.

HRIS Vendor choice

It is important for me as a HR consultant to do a market research so that I may obtain the best vendor who will supply my customer or Castle’s Family Restaurant with a quality, affordable and reliable EDP software. The higher the number of HR functions the software is capable of performing, the higher the quality. In my market research I considered two vendors SimpleHR and HRMS Solutions, Inc   ( SimpleHR offers HR software for only small business.

The software are integrated with Quick books accounting purposes and the software is capable of tracking vacation, performance and attendance of employees together with accessing job history and salaries online. It also contains HR letters and forms which are essential in the HR functions.

The second vendor is HRMS Solutions offers HRIS software with the following: Enterprise, Ascentis HR, Spectrum iVantage, Sage Abra HRMS and PeopleStrategy HROnline which enable HR to manage their work force regardless of the type of business and the size of the employees   ( After comparing the two vendors, I have chosen HRMS Solutions.

This vendor offers HR software which is capable of solving all the identified problems in Castle’s Family Restaurant. Form the details of the HR software offered by HRMS Solutions it is evident that the vendor offers quality software and that is why I have chosen it for my customer. SimpleHR offers quite affordable HR software but they are not of high quality.

Castle’s Family Restaurant has a large number of employees and the process of meeting their demands by the HR may be tiresome. The implementation of this vendor’s software in Castle’s Family Restaurant will enable the HR to monitor his employees while in his office. The theory behind this selection is the resource-based theory of Human Resources where saving time and resources are very important as it increases the efficiency of the HR (Michael J. & Mohan T. 2008). HRMS Solutions software will the help the HR in executing many functions and this will enable the company to save its resources which can  be used for other company activities.


Michael J. & Mohan T. (2008). Human Resource Information Systems: Basics,        Applications, and Future Directions. Sage.