Female Serial Killers

Ethical decisions play a major part in our daily lives. Police Officers and citizens of the united states all have a duty to make ethical decisions. Many don’t abide by ethical morals which leads to violent acts, dangerous situations or misunderstandings. There are two ways to go about making ethical decisions and it is based on the individual approach and communal approach. One is based on the individual decision and the other is based on community decisions which influence members of the community.

Most women who commit violent acts such as murder were sexually or physically abused at some point in their life. Murder committed by females are usually in self defense even though very little women are acquitted for murder charges. The majority of women who murder usually kill someone close to them like a boyfriend, husband, or family member. It is rare that women just kill senselessly unless they have some type of mental illness. Women are labeled in our society today as petite dainty individuals so a crime of murder is less likely to happen by a women and also more shocking. Rape & other forms of sexual violence plays a major part in murders and violent acts committed by women. Experiencing sexual violence like rape or molestation has turned many females into murderers. Sexual violence can ruin a female’s life forever traumatizing them. One perfect example that demonstrates the effects of sexual violence is the Aileen Wuornos case.

Aileen Wuornos was one of the first female serial killers in the United States. She wasn’t always a cold blooded killer. Aileen was a prostitute who was sexually physically and mentally abused since young. Her trigger that pushed her over the edge to kill was being brutally beaten by a man while prostituting. Aileen fought her her life and ultimately took the man’s gun and killed him. This changed Aileen making her enraged with men to a point of no control. This started the killing spree she went on through 1989-1990. She ended of catching feelings for the same sex being that she was completely done with the men. I believe the sexual ,mental and physical abuse and trauma caused her to become a sociopath. The environment and terrible experience she endured added fuel to the fire making her more angry toward the male species. Conditions like paranoia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can develop after sexual violence.