Federal Times

Every government is under obligation to offer to its citizen’s essential public services. Essential services refer to services, facilities or activities of a government that is necessary for provision of safety, securities and other basic social goods to the public (David, 2006). These services include internal security, defending the nation, public health, infrastructure and other social services (Ibid, 2006). Of all services provided, defence and security are core responsibilities of a government.

US government in provision of common defense to its citizen is currently faced by new and great challenges, including dynamic and violent international extremist networks, hostile states armed with weapons of mass destruction, rising regular powers, emerging space and cyber threats and a growing competition for military resource. The Department of defence has responded and developed national security strategies which are pillars for providing security and defense to US citizens and world at large (Well, 2008).

In 2008, the President’s National Security strategy that complimented the National Defense Strategy was developed with objectives of providing security and stability within US territory at home and its interests abroad (David, 2006). The key objectives of the defence policy is to defend the homeland with long war, promote security in US and globally, deter conflict and win US national wars (Ibid, 2006). US government through national Gallery of Art, a federal agency has been on programs to promote national gallery and art extension services (Carol, 2007).

In the 2007 fiscal year, auto-visual art education materials were added to the nation’s collection of paintings and sculptures that are used to conserve US citizens’ diverse cultures (Ibid, 2007). US government is discharging its fundamental duty of provision of health services; it established food and drug administration (FDA), a federal agency to ensure American consumers enjoy one of the safest food supplies in the world. In 2007, FDA developed food protection plan to address changes in food sources, production and consumption in today’s world (Well, 2008).

US government has engaged great amount of resources, knowledge and time to provide security and stability in home and its interest abroad (David, 2006). The government in recent years has embarked on programmes to fight world terrorism, and political instability in the world. In provision of public services the government has gone extra mile to ensure that it provides quality services to its citizens, for example on health programs that are successful.

In developing and concerning its culture, the government has been successful in its federal programmes to promote art and culture. In conclusion, US government has been performing its essential services well despite great challenges that impedes on its operations. Reference Carol, Vogel. (2007). A Collector gives the Gift of Modern Art. New York Times, NY. David, Sanger. (2006). Political season Opens with Focus on Security. New York Times, NY. Well. (2008). Brain Surgeons and Cellphones – Well – Tara Parker – Pope – Heath. New York Times, NY.