Federal and State Prisons

There are so many different types of prison systems in the world these days, it can go from a stay of one year to a stay of life without ever having the chance to have freedom back meaning life without parole. Once the words are uttered to someone that is something that can either break you or make you realize that, you have not only destroyed your life as you knew it but you have destroyed your freedom. Prisons have people that have done things that are against the law, the prison systems are growing larger by the moment because of people, feeling that they are outside the law as they live their lives.

In the state of Michigan, there is the Michigan State Prison (known as Jackson Prison to people from Michigan). This prison was the first one built in Michigan in 1842 and a larger one was built in 1926 and it was used only until 2007. There are many reasons for the prison systems growing out of control, there are people that feel that they are above the laws that are set for all to live and abide by but some do not do that. There are also some people that break the laws purposely to go to prison or jail, because they feel that is the only life that they can live and handle.

In an opinion only the corrections professionals could possible solve the growth of the population growing, by working on the rehabilitation programs that are available. Most inmates that are incarcerated and liked their freedom, could stand the chance to do some of the changing offered by the rehabilitation courses. Now when it comes to the state and federal prison security levels they differ by a few ways. The security levels begin with the maximum security, close high security, medium security, minimum security and the last is open security.

Some of the differences in the prison types are the maximum security have very tight security procedures and there is smaller amount of inmates to guard ratio. The close high security prisons are not as restrictive as the other prisons, the medium security prisons have the higher ratio of inmates to guards. With medium security having the inmate to guard ratio being as high as twice that of the maximum security prison. In dealings with the levels of state and federal prisons, there are many ways that they can be improved.

For one thing is make sure that there is set amount of inmate to guard ratio, of course if there is always going to be a large group to a guard at all times make sure that the inmates are cuffed at all times instead of some of the times. That could improve the safety of many including the guards and other inmates. With the chance of adding more guards to the prison system groups, although that would work but the tax payers would be charged higher taxes due to the increase of the amount of pay that is being paid out to the state and federal workers.