The Federal Governments Involvement

The federal government should become more involved in the economy to ensure that all Canadians enjoy a high standard of living. In the recent months, the citizens of Canada have been faced with the detrimental aspects of the recession. Citizens are losing jobs and in turn struggling to survive in an environment which thrives on the success of its economy. Canadians are being more conscious of where they put their money and this has put a great strain on the economic growth of our nation.

Numerous attempts have been made to help Canadians strengthen the economy in hopes of creating a higher standard of living but little has seemed to change. There is however, one familiar system that could drastically improve the Canadians economic system, the federal government. The federal government has a considerable impact on the Canadian populous as its role in Canada revolves mostly around the economic assessment of the nation. Managing the budgets and taxes, the government is the most knowledgeable source regarding the state of our economy.

With the help of Canadian tax payers, the federal government funds essential programs in our society such as the RCMP, The Canadian Post and the Via Rail. These are just a few of the institutions initiate by the federal government that help Canadian citizens lead enjoyable and convenient lives. Conversely, these organizations play a minor role in society when facing a recession. They are not significant enough to create employment and restart the supply and demand system.

The federal government, if more involved could generate new incentives to help lift its citizens out of their financial hardships. The federal government is responsible for managing the immigration and citizenship. The government’s rules regarding the employment of new Canadians and their educational opportunities is crucial to the economic state of immigrants and established Canadians as well. The federal government works to create equal job opportunities for all citizens yet they face a dilemma wherein there are an abundance of immigrants and a small supply of jobs.

Especially in the recession, the federal government’s involvement would be necessary as they could control the amount of immigrants entering the country and reinforce unionized job which protect the Canadian workers allowing them to receive a fair payment. When citizens are confident in their employment and receive health and pension benefits, they are more likely to participate actively in society through the purchase of products.

If the federal government were to take away their security by making these careers open to all immigrants then the population would not be as willing to spend their money, as it is unknown to them whether they will still be employed tomorrow. The most beneficial actions that the federal government could peruse would be that of investing money into their nation. Initiating new projects throughout communities to jump start the supply and demand cycle would be fundamental in the creation of new job opportunities. An example of a new project initiated by the federal government could relate to the infrastructure of the nation.

If the government puts money into the maintenance of bridges and roads they are instigating the flow of money within the nation. Money would go to the construction workers who would then pay for materials who would then pay factories to create the material and so forth. Subsequently all of the members involved in project would now have financial means to buy products in society which also enables the growth of the economy. If the government incentives were numerous, there would be more demand and evidently more supply which would boost the economy and create a higher standard of living for the Canadians suffering today.

The federal government position on equality is extremely important to the nation of Canada as it enforces the idea that all citizens should live up to a certain standard. The federal government makes it possible for all citizens, wealthy or not to reap the benefits of health care, criminal justice and education. The federal government’s involvement eliminates the social class system as everyone is treated equally the money they put into Canada allows all of the population to be provided with the essentials needed to live.

Overall it is evident that the federal government’s involvement in the nation’s economy is extremely important. The federal government has a major impact on the well being of Canadians yet they do not always take the actions necessary to make improvements in trying times. Particularly in the recent economical decline, society has been vulnerable and searching for the strength needed to overcome their financial dilemma. It is imperative that the federal government get involved and become an avid contributor to the economy which will ultimately result in a higher standard of living for all Canadian citizens.