Federal government Essay Example

The National Labor Relations Act presents the private sector workers with the right to select whether to seek membership in unions or not to. The Act equally went a step further by establishing the National Labor Relations Board which organizes elections regarding the same. The Act expressly makes illegal any form o discrimination by employers on employees on the basis of union affiliation. Refusal by a company to engage unions representing the interests of its workers is also restricted by the Act.

The Act also extends to cover measures aimed at punishing employers who fail to engage in collective bargaining with unions which represent workers. The federal law fails to offer state and local government employees the right to engage or to organize union activities. However, there is an exception to this on issues provided for by the US constitution which outlines the rights and freedoms of association, and speech. It is established that the US constitution offers lesser protection to government employees in reference to the right to engage in collective bargaining.

The US law equally bars the employers from engaging in retaliation oriented activities against employees on the basis of engaging in union based or collective activities. The law however does not require the employers to recognize unions representing their workers nor does it call for them to engage in bargaining. The federal labor law is administered by the department of labor on behalf of the federal government. The mission of the department is to promote, foster, and assist in the developing of the welfare of the income/wage earners in the United States.

The other aim is to facilitate the provision o good working conditions at the work place. The department equally works towards ensuring that the employability status benefits the employees. The head of the department who is the secretary serves in the cabinet of the president. Among the numerous responsibilities, the department administers and enforces federal labor laws with a view o guaranteeing safety, minimum wage, healthy working conditions, overtime pay, and freedom from discrimination, etc.

the department also protects retired workers’ pension rights. A major contribution attributable to the department rests on its work towards fostering the workers Under the federal law, an employer is under no obligation to hire, or promote employees on the basis of merit. However, the employer is not expected to employ bias in the recruitment or promotion activities within an entity. Bias is viewed in reference to discrimination on the basis of sex, age, religion, race, disability or nationality.

Consequently, an interviewer is not allowed to ask questions which evoke discrimination based on these orientations. At-will employment is captured as a doctrine under the federal law. The law basically defines employment relationship between an employer and employee which provide for the termination of employment without any form of liability in as far as there was no express contract prior to agreeing engagement terms.