Federal Government of the United States Research Paper

Answer the following questions about federal, state, and local governments. Directions: Answer each of the following questions with a brief essay. (8 points) 1. What level of government do you think should be in charge of security from foreign enemies? Write a paragraph explaining why this level of government is most appropriate. Answer: The Federal Government should be in charge of security from foreign countries.

The Federal Government is much better at protecting the whole country against our enemies rather than every single state in our country having to protect themselves. Some states are larger than others, some have more money and some are small and don’t have much money which could limit their recourses in the case of an invasion from another country. If each state stood alone to have to fight off a country without the help of anyone else and the state lost than it would be bad for every other state as well.

But, if the country as a whole fought together we would be a force to be reckon with. We would be united have a strong military and each state would be responsible for helping out the military for the safety of every state because we are a country not just stand alone states. (8 points) 2. What level of government should you depend on for sanitation in your neighborhood? Write a paragraph explaining why this level of government is most appropriate. Answer: Local Government should be responsible for sanitation in my neighborhood or any neighborhood in the country.

It makes more sense for a local government to be responsible for the sanitation or anything that you need where you live. If the Federal government got involved it would take a long time to get something fixed and there are different laws in each state that could interfere with the federal government. If the local government does it you can get it done quick and it makes more sense because the local government is there for you, to help you with anything you need right at home and each state knows it laws which make things run much faster. (14 points) 3.

Are there any jobs that you think should be switched among federal, state, and local governments? Why? Answer: I’m not really sure if there should be jobs switched around if jobs are placed where they are right now then they should stay that way. Police officers serve your community and they are controlled by the local government which is much better because things move quicker and businesses run them selves but report to the state government. Jobs are placed where they should be and there are thought processes that go into where they should be placed.