Federal government

The federal government has had adverse effects on the on the business law and ethics. The federal government on the other hand highly ensures that all the business transactions that are being carried out by various people adhere to the highest levels of ethical; standards. The federal government also has the authority and the mandate to ensure that all businesses establish very comprehensive corporate integrity programs which ensure that the employees and the authority members perform all their official duties consistently.

The federal government also ensures that businesses comply with the legislative law and other applicable laws and regulations in their functioning. (Hussein 1999) How federal government affects the ethical decision making in businesses The federal government affects the ethical decision making processes in the business settings. It does this by first of all ensuring that the business complies with the legislative laws in the decisions that are made by the management of the businesses.

The federal government further stipulates and also encourages honest, open and fair business relationships with the businesses working partners which are based on service price and quality. Thereby this regulation properly guides the businesses in making their decisions which affect their business partners. The business ethics broadly examines the ethical principles, problems and also morals that could easily arise in a business environment and thus the federal government steps in and ensures that whatever a business perceives as unethical is also illegal as per the legislative requirements.

The federal government also ensures that the laws which have been legislated effectively states the governments position and also presumably on a majority’s opinion on the business ethical behavior. (Hussein 1999) The diversity of the business environment has made the federal government create unilateral rules and regulations that will determine the standards by which all businesses follow in making their own decisions.

The federal government has also established consistent and universal requirements which must be applicable to every business organization in existence that have similar characteristics and those that also face similar circumstances. The federal government similarly has enforced its laws to all members of the society in the business settings to which they are compelled to obey if at all they do not choose to do this voluntarily. Thus any ethical decisions made in various businesses should comply with the legislative laws.