Federal government Research Paper

Should the federal government have special rules, or should federal property be subject to the same laws/rules/regulations as private property? Why or why not? With the rapid development of economies all over the world and an era of globalization with everything moving at a fast pace, it is very essential for government of any country to have special rules , laws and regulations for governing the Federal property. Any government of the World , acts in the favour of its nation’s interest but at the same time it should not ignore the rights of the individuals within that particular state.

Considering the case given in the News Journal regarding the federal property rules Collector Doug Chaplin should be given the reimbursement because he had spent approximately $130,000. 00 from his own pocket for recovering the lost plane and thus wants to have some right in the recovered property but the claim of the army is valid only to the point of having the plane in the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, Naval Air Station. The plane is of great significance to the Navy and is of great historical value as no Devastator survived the war.

All such things are of great value not only for the navy but for the whole nations and such things should be preserved in National museums . But the individual has spent a huge amount in recovering the lost plane which was not the matter of interest for the Navy and neither for the State at that time. Therefore, the government should have the acquisition power but only after giving due compensation. The government should have the power to make such rules of abandonment but due care is to be taken that the individual’s interest is not hampered and therefore they should be compensated.

The idea of having special rules by the Federal Government for the Federal property is a good concept because there are always situations and circumstances where the federal property is for the interest of the Nation either for having development on that property or for preserving it as a sign of the Nation’s pride. Government should have the special rules to recover such property but only after giving the compensation which should be calculated accordingly and justly.

There are points in favor of not treating federal property as private, they are it involves tax payers money, secondly government is the final executive body in a nation it has to have more control, thirdly the kind of property government owns can be supposed to be best maintained by government, and fourthly it can be related to current scenario of economic turmoil where if government do not had special privileges the crisis couldn’t have been averted.

In this context if the guy knew that the plane was government property he should have informed them about his intent which would have saved his effort and money. Even in the property agreements that we have government has the right to ownership in special cases (if it plans a roadway or if some archaeological findings are there). For the development of the nation such powers must be vested in the government so that it does not hinder in establishing the plan of economic development and welfare which is one of the main object of any government.

But care should be taken that such special rules may not cause a panic in the people of the nation that could possibly hamper the nations growth and development. People should, therefore, be assured that in case their property is acquired by the government for some reason in the interest of the economy and nation , then they will fairly and reasonably be reimbursed by the government or that particular department. “Federal agencies will cooperate to the maximum extent possible with State and local units of government to provide such specialized or technical services as may be authorized.

Such services shall generally supplement, not supplant existing services, and Federal agencies should not provide services with full reimbursement under this Circular which have heretofore been furnished for less than full reimbursement under other authorities, unless specifically requested to do so. ” ( Robert ,5) In case of Nation’s interest it is, therefore, feasible that the government can make special rules and laws concerning the Federal property.

References : Robert P. Mayo . Office of Management and Budget. Circular No. A-97. White House website. 1969.