Federal (Executive) Government Agencies Role in Medicare

Changes and reforms in policy affecting health care facilities are well documented by professional and academic publications (Barr, 2002). These changes and reforms, which aim to improve the provision of health care service, are adopted in order to allow health care facilities to better meet the needs of their patients (Barr, 2002). Thus, there are reforms on the aspect of health care pensions, which are adopted to protect consumers in this field where they know very little (Barr, 2002).

These policy changes affecting health care facilities and services, such as Medicare, are effected by policy-making bodies entrusted by the federal system of the United States government, such as the Executive Department. The role of the Federal government of the United States is to allocate authority on many levels. This system of government is designed to balance the powers and responsibilities among the different branches in order to be effective in implementing programs. One of the important branches of the government is the Executive Branch, headed by the President (Mason, D. J.

(Ed. ), 2002). The President has policy-making powers. These powers are exhibited by President Bush by discussing issues on social security, Medicare prescription drug coverage, and homeland security. The Executive Cabinet consists of 15 departments, which have respective jurisdictions (Mason, D. J. (Ed. ), 2002). Policymaking bodies such as the Executive Branch and its departments formulate the policies that should regulate the complex system of health care. Thus, the Executive branch and its departments help in the development of medical techniques and the delivery of medical services.

Policies formulated by this branch of the federal government are vital to ensure the efficient operation of the various aspects of the health care system, such as health care insurance, professional rules, and many others. References Barr, N. (2002). Reforming pensions: Myths, truths, and policy choices. International Social Security Review 55(2), 3-36. CMS. Key Milestones in CMS Programs. Retrieved November 19, 2007, from http://www. cms. hhs. gov/History/Downloads/CMSProgramKeyMilestones. pdf Mason, D. J. (Ed. ) (2002). Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care.? W. B. Saunders Co.