Federal Employment Laws

Independent contractors are not deemed to be employees of the company. However, the Federal employment laws recognize that they have a right in the employer-contractor relationship (Repa, 2007). The Civil Rights Act prohibits segregation based on the race, color, religion, nationality or age. Contractors therefore have a right to sue an employer if they think that they are being discriminated against. Contractors and agents are also protected from termination before the contract term is over unless there is a considerable reason behind the termination.

Handling disputes under Federal Employment Laws where Unions Members or a Party to a Collective Bargaining Agreement is Involved Labor unions play a significant role in fighting for their members' rights at the workplace. This is mostly done through collective bargaining with the employers (Smith, 2007). One such duty is to protect their members from workplace discrimination and unjustified lay-offs. Had Sarah been a union member or a party to a collective bargaining agreement, she could have avoided the attorney expenses by having the union represent her.

According to Loevy (1997), the act of discrimination can be reported to unions which can lobby the case on behalf of the employee. Conclusion The role of Federal Employment Laws can be said to be very significant in solving serious workplace conflicts. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 in particular has helped many Americans who have been treated unfairly to get the treatment they deserve. Sarah for example could have lost her livelihood after unjustified termination thus losing considerably before she could get another job.

She is delighted that laws protecting employees from employer exploitation and discrimination exist. Word Count: 1366


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