Federal Bureau of Investigation Research Paper

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a prominent intelligence agency in U. S which works with a mission to preserve and protect United States from foreign threats and also to protect the country from terrorist attacks. FBI has complete authority and power to enforce criminal laws against violators and presently there are 200 categories of federal laws for violations. FBI has three main national security priorities which are counter terrorism, counterintelligence and cyber crime.

FBI criminal priorities are public corruption, civil rights, organised crime, white collar crime and major thefts or violent crime. FBI has excellent trained personnel who work as FBI officers and who possess full authorised powers to charge anyone who commits any sort of crime that is not permissible under U. S Federal law. Every citizen has a right to contact FBI and report about a problem whether social or security. The officers would offer suitable help and guidance and also conducts an investigation to find the most important facts in each case.

For instance, if there is a theft at home and someone carried away precious jewellery and money from home, such affected individual can file a complaint of theft in FBI agency and can expect investigation report about theft. FBI conducts an indepth investigation about theft and finds the culprits and takes care that the loss of money is restored. Apart from money FBI helps its citizens in traffic laws, domestic laws, social laws, fraud business, fraud marketing, corruption and political fraud.

This states that FBI does not leave any sort of crime unnoticed and the perpetrators are always screened. FBI uses sophisticated security and alarm systems apart from strict intelligence systems and also takes a great advantage from technology and forensic science to detect the fraud and crime of criminals. FBI investigation is the most powerful and effective which details every movement of criminals and attacks directly without fear or favor. FBI has a great support and service from fingerprint technology, laboratory services and information technology.

As a matter of fact, it is safe for residents to seek the assistance of FBI in the hour of need or in a status of emergency. FBI offers helpline for every citizen in domestic abuse, crime or murder. It offers a complete length of service to those who are grieved and also sentences the guilty and criminals. FBI works under the authority of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) who is the major authority for Intelligence Community. DNI and Central Inteligence Agency (CIA) are the only members of Intelligence Community and these agencies are not part of the cabinet department.

In the matters of National Security and International Security, FBI acts on priority in confiscating the guilty and punishing the offenders. Some of the major five functions of an intelligence agency are collection of data or information through human intelligence, source analysis, counterintelligence, collection of technical intelligence and evidential documentation and media information. FBI is a law enforcement agency which is responsible to deal with threats of national security and in international espionage.

FBI keeps an updated informationa about the terrorist organisations, financial resources of terrorists and criminals and all those areas which encourage terrorist groups. date Conclusion Public and government have an immense support and service from FBI which works honestly towards achievement of its goals and in keeping the mission service in every emergency need. References Federal Bureau of Investigation Accessed 30 May 2009 http://www. fbi. gov/hq. htm Members of the Intelligence Community Accessed 30 May 2009 http://www. intelligence. gov/1-members. shtml