Federal Agencies

The office of personnel assessment provides Federal Agencies with assessment solutions and assistance to maximize their return on investment in human capital. When utilized well the personnel management office can help to identify the best talents and capabilities which will be used to make a wide variety of divisions about applicant and employees. In our current global world any manager of certain organization in public sector should continually assess the organization ability to fulfill the commitment goals and objectives that constitute its mission and purpose.

This does not matter whether the assessment is undertaken to identify a solution to a problem or to strive towards becoming a high performing organization but investigation and evaluation of the available resources and capabilities are very vital in identifying the organization changes which are needed to support strategic business goals (http://www. scribd. com/doc/2745561/Rule-Defense-Federal-Acquisition-Regulation-Supplement-Earned-Value-Management-Systems).

The office of personnel management helps in designing the organization and positioning professionals with their classes and helping in reviewing existing resources and processes and creating a foundation for organizational change. The clarification by the OPMs helps on organization to have a wide perspective that assists in meeting the current challenges through transformation of the organization. The office of personnel management tries to match the products and project with the consumer interests and requirement.

They give consultation services analysis and device on the broad spectrum of human resources and issues encountered in organizational development. The OPM quality products and services help that client to acquire and retain as well as attracting a work force with the competencies required to meet strategic goals. In the office of personnel management there is a department that deals with competency assessment and it validates innovative efficiency and cost effectiveness assessment that measures general and technical competencies for employees, their qualifications, promotion and carrier development purposes

(http://www. scribd. com/doc/2745561/Rule-Defense-Federal-Acquisition-Regulation-Supplement-Earned-Value-Management-Systems). The benefit of employees keeps on being regulated by the office of personnel management (OPM) under Federal Employees Health Benefits Acquisition Regulation [FEHBAH]. This body is charged with a responsibility of establishing the employees’ requirement with audit included for federal employees health benefits program [FEHB] and also it looks into matters pertaining experience rated agreements.

This is the reason as to why office of personnel management keeps on reviewing the rates of the dollar to gauge their contract agreements. It is also the work of the office of personnel management to revise the definitions given to the costs of pricing of items and experience rates to cope with mental health parity requirements (http://oamp. od. nih. gov/Division/acp/AcqCertification/FederalAcquisitionCertificateInContracting. asp). Office of personnel management (OPM) has developed a number of competency based tools to help human resource managers during their employee recruitment and performance appraisal.

The tool formulated by office of personnel management ensures accurate and effective decisions on the employees’ selection. For agencies to succeeding in their work then they need to have selections and promotion of employees in their firm. Through use of the formulated and methods given by office of personnel management agencies can now maximize their efforts in investing in human capital office and personnel management which in turn helps in retaining employees in enterprise with the required competencies and skills to continue pursuing their goals (http://www.

find-health-articles. com/rec_pub_15929224-federal-employees-health-benefits-acquisition-regulation-large. htm,). Performance management is the most important aspect in an organization because it deals with translation of goals into the expected outcomes. It does not consider performance of an individual in isolation only but also it focuses its attention on team spirit programs stipulated by the firm and the organization as a whole.

Performance management is made in such a way to address in a broader sense the long perspective emphasizing employee development and process improvement. This is so because optimal performance and management programs are integrated with training program and succession planning of an agencies leadership. The focus in public sector is about the results which are in some instances very challenging especially for those agencies in the public sector.

This is where the public sector agencies are confronted with a challenge of defining and measuring the results of their achievement but this is not the case with private sector organization where by the results are almost exclusively tied to final goals. Public agencies organization is required by law to comply with complex rules and regulations in the event of governing their performance management and human resource program (http://www. find-health-articles. com/rec_pub_15929224-federal-employees-health-benefits-acquisition-regulation-large. htm).

By applying the behavioral science principles organization development is able to increase the heath and effectiveness of groups in their enterprises. The aim of organization development is to understand and change process involved in making the achieve better performance in the organization. This can take different perspectives and approaches including assessment of employees through interviews, focus on groups by identifying the problems which are being experienced through surveys and taking control measures after receiving the feed back from their research.

The steps taken by the organization includes planning, evaluation of results and imparting the required knowledge and competencies to the organization groups (http://oamp. od. nih. gov/Division/acp/AcqCertification/FederalAcquisitionCertificateInContracting. asp). References: Federal Employees Health Benefits Acquisition Regulation, available at: http://www. find-health-articles. com/rec_pub_15929224-federal-employees-health-benefits-acquisition-regulation-large. htm,as retrieved on 2 Aug 2008 03:20:40 GMT. Federal acquisition Regulation, available at:

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