Fed Liquidity Program

Starting form the fact that United States is the most indebted nation, with a burden of $12 trillion and yearly obligations amounting $500 billion (Bebchuck, 2008), having Forex reserves less then the tiny Taiwan, followed by record budget and trade deficits. To square all, United States economy was in a quagmire already and it’s in ruination after the Big Bang. Various moves on part of Fed to lubricate the economic engine by throwing billions into the parched market seems of little or no help at all.

Melting down of financial bulwarks one after the other is evidence of enormity of damage followed by the deafening bail out plan. Isn’t it absurd that US with no money of its own to even buy the Chinese toys is reeling towards this colossal move. From where all this money would come? Print it! No way; a near trillion worth of ‘printed’ Greenback into the market is going to burst yet another balloon of Inflation and nose dive the already struggling Dollar, leading to a chocking scenario. So what else? Borrow more!

Already a single country like China holding nearly a trillion worth of US securities would further make America’ the world’s strongest democracy defer to the largest communists (Harvey, 2008). But would they be willing to buy more of the crap US assets? Let’s just forget the world, See who is borrowing. The US Government, but the Government earns nothing of its own. These are the taxes that make and run governments, so more borrowing means added obligations upon the people of United States and their Children and their Grand Children who are being held hostage for the blunders of their own obdurate corporations (Harvey, 2009).

Look at the Horizon and see the doom and gloom ? Bears Stern taken over by JP Morgan, Bank of America taking over the 94 years old Merrill Lynch, world’s top insurer AIG pledging for its own insurance (Whalen, 2008), collapse of the 158 year legacy the Lehman Brothers, which had survived the Civil war, world wars, the 9/11 but couldn’t hold on for this swap, all costing Fed hundreds of billions (Demyanyk, Yuliya S. and Van Hemert, 2008).

Fed Liquidity Program, Economic stimulus package, Federal Housing Admin scheme and further injections has already amounted to $1 trillion (Demyanyk, Yuliya and Van Hemert, 2008). ? The Bail out of Fannie and Freddie alone have price tag of $200 billion (Bardhan, 2008). All but excluding yet another $700 billion proposed bail out for ‘securing’ the faltering US institutions, amounting to a staggering total of $1. 8 trillion! (Davidoff and Zaring, 2008).

The new bill is being floated to each American citizen, with the liability of $5000 each, while keeping aside the $11. 8 trillion of ‘previous’ debt (Davidoff and Zaring, 2008). Now as far as the talk holds for going social or keeping the system capitalist, it doesn’t matter which one operates unless the operators are responsible and sincere to the people who let them operate on their behalf. It is said that the corporate America seems best in capitalist mode as long as the system churns profits and it immediately retorts to being Socialized when faults surfaces.

In today’s scenario when all the elements of a healthy financial system are showing pathological signatures of ailments which had been there for long time, but was let to grow to extent of tumor. Yes the Government should move forward as it is their job to cleanse the system of toxics and let the body heal by itself, but wait what we are seeing? Instead of letting the body to recover and reform in its very own ‘natural’ way, the surgeon general is transplanting the whole organs with ‘expectations’ that they won’t be rebelled. What if they would! Then hope the patient would survive.