Fast food

Nowadays, with the increasing number of high demand on food and beverage, people are very sophisticated and smart when chosing what kind of food to eat. Especially, they have a tendency to use a lot of junk-foods because there are many fast-food restaurants with famous brand name come to Vietnam. It gives them more choices and options to satisfy with their need. However, just take a quick look at the another side of this problem, Does fast-foods actually replace the daily meals ? or Can fast-food industry gives lot of benefits and distribute to the development of the Vietnam’s economy ?

Is there any trouble with health if we use fast-foods daily? And it goes without saying that foreign fast-food companies are doing business well and increasing both size and quantity and gain many profits. At first,fast-foods are the type of junk foods that we can eat fast without spending many steps to cook. The most common characteristic of fast-foods is that it can be cook fast and easily. It’s no doubt that consumer are spending lots of their money for fast-foods much more than they were doing in the past. VietNam’s market is also becoming the glorious place for some foreign companies to invest and expand their market.

Besides, more and more real estate companies invest money to the hospitality field. They work as a franchisor and allow the another companies use their logo and technology. The menu and food at each store have to be simultaneously. Those companies who want to cooperate with them have to pay a lagre cost, we can consider it as an operation fees. More than ten years ago, there were only KFC, Jollibee and Lotteria appeared in Vietnam, but there are some famous fast-food brand names come and ready to attack the Vietnam’s market at the present such as Burger King, Mc’Donald and Subway.

These brand name is one of the market leader and they want to develop the market share around the world. I really impressed with the speed of developping of hospitality industry in recent years. Now people will have variety of choices on different kinds of fast-foods from Hamberger to Fried Chicken. Those companies know how to attractive the new customer though building many attractive stores at some convenient locations such as at the corner of the main streets or near some malls and supermarkets with nice decoration.

In addition, the fact that many foreign fast-food companies are build will lead to the high demand on recruiting many labours and those companies will obviously create more jobs and help solving some problems related to the human resources. Furthermore, they add a great deal of money to the goverment’s budget. The goverment receive that money from collecting taxes and use it to improve the education systems and medical systems. Vietnam’s market can attract many foreign investment because the cost of labours is low and the large amount of workers are in the youth age.

Although the economic crisis and high inflation , foreign fast-food companies continue expanding their market share and have a plan to open many branches in VietNam. They don’t pay a lot of money to broadcast on diferrent kind of channels such as the televison or newspapers,but they still attract a large number of Vietnamese using their products. They strongly believe that with a population of over ninety million people in Vietnam they will make a huge profits and this happening much faster than they expected.

On the other hand, Vietnamese fast-food companies such as Pho24 or Wrap & Roll find it difficult to compete with some foreign firms because Vietnamese customers adapt new trends easily and they want something new and different from traditional foods which they are familiar with for all year round. Besides, the bad services, lacking of budgets and improper managements are the barriers that most of the consumer do not make a return business with that companies again. Too much foreign firms appear in Vietnam will be the tough challenges for Vietnamese firms.

Therefore, they have to improve the quality of services and train their staff well in order to gain market share from other competitors. In a modern life, people usually have to work a lot during the week, so they don’t focus on their daily meals. They can not manage to cook at home and do have much time on preparing their own foods. That’s a reason why they tend to select fast-foods in stead of spending time to cook. I think that fast-foods have a huge influence on the customer perception nowsaday and It may change their habit of chosing products. Besides, They are not aware of what types of foods they put in their mouth.

Everytime I come to to Burger King , The hamberget leave a good impression to me. A large hamberger with lots of chesse and sauses are put on the top. I can not resist the smell it comes from the hamberger. It’s so addicted. But whether the hamberger provide enough nutrition or energy ? The answer is completely not. Do not let the beautiful hamberger play a cheat on you. Just look at the dark side behind the hamberger. It can damage and play havoc with your health. Studies show that eating lot of fast-foods for a many years will poison your health.

It contains lot of fat and help you gain weight in a short time. However, It can put you at risk for the heart attack and obesity. Therefore, It’s time to rethink about using fast-foods as a daily meal. In a nutshell, we have to admit the fact that many fast-foods appeared in Vietnam will be a new trend and a part of life. However, we have right to accept or refuse to that trends. People need to recognize that what is the most important to their life . A better health or a better meal . As far as i concern, I think that the goverment should have a policy to reduce some fast-food companies in Vietnam.

Nevertheless, It’s hard for them to make a decision because they are getting lots of benefits from those companies. Besides , those companies must take on more responsibility to the customer’ health. Three compound sentences in the essay: – people usually have to work a lot during the week, so they don’t focus on their daily meals – It’s hard for them to make a decision because they are getting lots of benefits from those companies – These brand name is one of the market leader and they want to develop the market share around the world.