Fashion Industry

Pakistani fashion industry has grown by leaps and bounds in last twelve to fifteen years. Many famous fashion designers are working in this field and contributing their work to the progress of the industry. With opening of the new institutes and fashion schools our industry has found new horizon with new talent pouring in. As Pakistani fashion industry has many talented and creative fashion designers.

Every fashion designer has new and creative ideas which make them distinguish from each other. Famous Pakistani fashion designers names are Ammar Belal, Nomi ansari, karma, Lajwanti, khaddar, Asifa and Nabeel, Sobia Nazeer, HSY, Maria B, Bee jees and more. And I selected two designers for my case study, Ammar Bellal and Tazeen Hasan. Ammar Bellal is basically my inspiration in this case study; he is doing a lot of work on men's wear.

Like other Pakistani fashion designers he didn’t opt for bridle wear designing. And my 2nd selected designer Tazeen Hassan says" I design my cuts with people from real society in mind and not just models". Her designs are very simple. She sells Pakistani women wear embroidered dresses,bridle dresses, kameez shalwar and lehnga chooli. Although Tazeen hasan is also working good and creating style and designs according to the Pakistani culture but I like Ammar Bellal most. Ammar Bellal's success story is as follow. Ammar Bellal

Ammar Belal started his career in 2003 with his street wear brand A B C D, which offered Basic casual wear with a quirky sense of design. [pic] Pakistani fashion designer Ammar Belal is son of khwaja Belal, a textile industry owner. Ammar is a famous Pakistani fashion designer. With in few years he established himself. This Pakistani fashion designer launched his high-end men's wear store. Ammar is doing good work in the field of men's wear. Collections by Ammar Belal

Ammar has created many collections. Especially he is doing good work on men's wear. In Pakistan he is the designer who is working on men's wear instead of bridle wear.

ABCD casual wear Ammar's previously launched his ABCD casual wear line. This line catch the attention of the many, as many likes it very much. His collection helped him to gather good clientele.

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There is only a slight design factor incorporated in each garment that Ammar's label ABCD produces. Men's wear Ammar's men wear includes • Shoes • Sunglasses • Shirts • Ties and others accessories [pic] [pic]

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Ammar felt that the local market seeks designs and quality with foreign fashion taste. After realizing these needs and wants of the local market he decided to launch a men's wear store, with high quality and low price.

Recent collection of 2010 Recently he launched his "king of Pop" collection, as the title suggests, inspired by Michael Jackson. More specifically, the "Thriller" era and subsequent punk rock look complete with zipping and studding detail for both men and women. [pic] [pic]

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His collection is symbolized through military style embroideries and various silhouettes. His collection ranges from casual and street wear to cocktail dresses and gowns

Running Projects Ammar belal is also doing work on many projects including Ammar Belal men's wear, ABCD, AS jeans, Sarah's and ABCD Ethnic. Further he is also planning to make and international corporate empire.

Awards His progressive approach t showcasing fashion through music videos and films has earned him various awards that include • Best Emerging Designer (lux 2005) • Best men's wear Designer (Indus 2006) • Best Prêt Designer (Sunday 2008) • Best English song (MTV/indus 2006) Apart from fashion designing Ammar has also performed in a film and released a music video. Ammar's opinion about future of fashion industry

At PFDE sunsilk fashion week 2010 in Lahore Ammar Belal said, "I am very excited to be a part of the fashion week in Lahore showcased my work with some of the finest designers in our country. I also believe that this is just the beginning of Pakistan's exposure to the international fashion scene. It was the learning experience for us and we as an industry have a long way to go after this initial step". Ammar is very hopeful about the good future of the Pakistan industry as designers are showing their good talent and creative work. Conclusion

I am very hopeful about the best future of Pakistan industry as new and talented designers are coming in this field, and industry has found new horizon on the sky of the fashion. Business of Pakistan fashion industry is going very good, as it ran well in the bad economic condition of international fashion industry.