Family Challenges

Families today experience a wide variety of challenges. Although many are common, each family struggles with their own unique combination of challenges. In this article we will discuss general ways to deal with each type of challenge as well as discussing specific things families can do to overcome a specific challenge that may currently be affecting their family. Regardless of what the challenge is specifically there are basic attitudes and reactions that can greatly reduce the stress as well as allowing the family or specifically the couple focus on solutions and not just the problem.

First, generally it is important to remember that if a family truly has a desire to overcome challenges and move forward with previously set goals, each member must focus on understanding, forgiving, and staying positive. To be sure this is much easier said than done; nonetheless, it is necessary for a positive outcome. As we will discuss, some specific challenges present unique aspects that may be more difficult to overcome than others. Divorce

For example, the family that is dealing with the possibility of a divorce should seek the counsel of family and or marriage therapist along with a religious leader (when possible). Parents should take a step back and try to understand and comprehend the ramifications of a divorce. How it will affect the children and how it will ultimately affect the long-term happiness of the entire family.

The truth is there are a large number of couples that divorced and then were asked a year or two down the road if the divorce was worth it. Many would admit that it wasn’t worth it and no matter how bad things seemed at the time, they would have been better off staying together. Of course, that doesn’t include all divorces. Each circumstance is different and some situations are unsafe for the spouse and/or children. Addiction

There are other challenges that can leave deep and lasting wounds such as infidelity or an addiction to substance or even more common an addiction to pornography. Some may find it hard to believe that an addiction to pornography can be as harmful to a marriage and family as any other serious addiction. Often times it is an addiction to pornography that leads to a spouse being unfaithful. This infidelity can and does cause a great deal of pain and heartache. For those families that are struggling with this, know that there is help available.

It will take a commitment to healing by every member of the family to overcome this challenge, but it is possible and worth it. Find help in counseling and religious leaders and support groups. Always, always remember that with help and working together, there is no obstacle that a family can’t overcome if they will fight for it.

Review of Related LiteratureBalancing a family and career can sometimes be exhausting. Ever feel like you’re alone?

Life doesn’t seem easy when you’re trying to juggle a family and a career, or job. Sometimes it all just seems too overwhelming. You want to pay attention to your children and listen to every word they say, but there’s the dishes, the laundry, homework, oh and dinner. By the end of the day you just feel completely exhausted.

And to think you have to get up the next day and do it all over again. Well, I got good news! You’re not alone! There are millions of working parents and plenty more single moms and dads. Finding the right balance can seem overwhelming, but it is possible. Sometimes slowing down and taking one day at a time is the best medicine of all. Just remember, we all have the same amount of hours in a day, it’s what you do with them that makes them count.