Fallacy in Car Advertisement

A woman and a car equal sex? It is very interesting and yet very powerful idea of a man’s desire. This is one of the common advertisements for the car industry. In the magazine or on the television, we see advertisements of variety fields of product or services. Many times, company uses different types of fallacy to appeal people’s reasoning to make appropriate choice. It can be very distracting to focus on the correct message of the creator’s idea.

At the same time, fallacy in advertisement can be an attention grabber for the viewer or reader to make thoughts on the message. In order to persuade the viewers and readers, companies use the different ideas of fallacy to sell their products and make the advertisement appealing in people’s memory. In the car advertisement, very popular fallacy is used on appeal to sex which stimulates the attraction of the opposite sex to make the product desirable. The car industry generally targets their customer towards man and uses man’s attraction toward the woman.

The correlation between a car and a woman is very pleasing enough for man’s fantasy. In fact, women in car advertisement always have been existed ever since the car is invented. For example, a BMW car advertisement is shown with a couple lying on bed and a man stares at woman’s face which is covered by a picture of a BMW car ad. This advertisement clearly utilized appeal to sex. The concept of desire for woman and a car is shown with the attention grabber of sexual intimacy. Here’s another example from BMW car advertisement that appeals to sex.

A beautiful girl lying down with topless with a remark on the side “You know you are not the first. ” This advertisement is can be very offending. However, it used a concept of sex to male viewer. With these appeal to sex is very pleasurable but it isolates the reasoning for quality of the car. Another common fallacy is appeal to couple which attempts to manipulate the idea of couple’s relationship on a product or service. Generally, relationship between couple involves rules and respect for each other.

There are commercials and advertisement uses couple’s love, hate, intimacy and conflict. Appeal to couple uses these ideas to make the advertisement humorous and have close relationship with the viewer. It is easier and more appealing to the viewer when the advertisement uses the people’s daily lifestyle. For example, here’s another BMW commercial of a man driving the BMW car on his way to his own wedding and several woman intentionally drops down their clothes to stop the car. However, the man drives thru these temptation until an underwear drops down.