Fahrenheit 451 & Equilibrium

In many science fiction novels, the future is often dipicted with dystopian or totalitarian societies. In these societies there’s dehumanization, an oppressive government, envrionmental disaters, or other attributes associated with a cataclysmic decline in society. In both of the selections Fahrenheit 451 and Equilibrium, the government suppresses the people and keeps them under control. Although the goverentment suppresses the society, the protagonist of each selection overcomes the oppression. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the protangonist is a fireman, Guy Montag.

He lives in a dystopian community set in future America. In this society, the firemen burns book because out of fear of what they may cause. Since books contain opinions that may contradict another book, it is to be burnt. Anyone who is caught having books in their home are to have their home and books burned. People in this society are miserable. They don’t care about one another or have anything to talk about. Mrs. Phelps, a friend of Montag’s wfie Mildred, has had 3 husbands that either killed themselves or went of to war.

Mildred’s other friend, Mrs. Bowles sends her children away to school to get away from them. She even had given birth by Caesarian sections because there is “no use of going through all that agony for a baby”. They often enjoy violence and danger for entertainment such as driving jet cars at fast speeds and running animals over or cartoon that invovles chopping off limbs. Captain Beatty, tells Montag that this soceity became this way because people we’re offended by things that written in books, so to keep peace they were destroyed.

Also, as society gotten more advanced in technology, books lost their value. There wasn’t a need for them because the were too long so they we’re made simplier, shorter, less conflicting, and barely a book at all. In the film Equilibrium, the protangnist is John Preston. He is a warrior and enforcement that is supposed to burn all objects that kill bring about feelings and arrest those who commit the act of feeling. In this dystopian society, every civilian takes a drug called prozium to supress all human emotion.

Human emotion is banned because it can bring hatred which can cause war. To avoid another world war they all must inject the drugs into their bodies daily. After World War III devastaed the earth, the government made the descion to get rid of all emotion. The leader that controls the cociety called “Father” who adresses the public through video. There is a resistant group, called the Underground, that feels human emotion and want a revolution. They fight back against the government. Guy Montag begin to realize that world isn’t good without books when he meet Clarisse McClellan.

She tells him about how firemen used to put out fires, not start them, and that people had thought for themselves. One night after Montag left work, he meets Clarisse on the walk home. She talks to him and before she leave she asks him “Are you happy? ” and that changed him. After he meets Clarisse, he takes a book from a home while they were burning it. It is revealed he has a lot of books and he starts to read them. Montag wants understanding of the books he has read so he seeks a man name Faber to help him.

John Preston wakes up one morning and accidentally breaks his vial of prozium and oesnt have a replacement. They place they go to get their dose is closed so Preston starts to have feelings. He continues to not take his doses daily. Montag overcome the opression when he starts to understand books. Montag and Faber makes a plan to get rid of the firemen by planting books in firemen homes. The plan starts to fail as Montag reads a poem to his wife’s friends. Later they put in a call and so does Mildred. Montag has his home burned and his wife leaves him.

He is enraged and kills Beatty with the flame thrower. Then he is on the run from the police because he has comitted murder and they are after. Montag flees to the countryside of the city and he find people like him. They read and understand books and have fleed after they rebelled against the government. There’s many like them around. Then an atomic bomb hits the city and nearly everyone is dead. Montag and his new frienda have survived and they plan on edjucated everyone who survived of what they know of books.

In Equilibruim, Preston makes a plan with the Underground to kill the leader. He is moved by the goverment incarsinrating his wife a while ago, after she comitted feeling and woman whom his partner loved. He fights his way against the government. He defeats them all then kills the leader. He destoys all the video feed of Father speaking to the public and the Prozium manufacutring center. In these dystopian societies, the protagonists both overcame the opressing government. Montag knew something was wrong with socitey and that he had to make a change.

Before the bomb hit Montag’s city, he was assigned to remember the book of Ecclesiastes. He and the other old reders would go around teaching and talking to people about the stuff they read and remember. They will soon talk with everyone and everyone will be better accepting of books. Then books will be published by what they remember and new ones will be written. People of Montag’s society will be happier. In Preston’s community emotions were suppressed by the governemt and he stopped the suppression. Everyone can now feel all the human emotions. Preston could possibly get married again.