Faculty of Business Administration

1 Requirement:

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❖ Page setup: Use 1 inch for left, right, top and bottom margin, 12pt for font size, single line spacing, and leave at least one line between questions.

❖ Answer in YOUR OWN WORDS. Please note that direct paragraphing from either the textbook or your notes will be subject to mark reduction.

❖ Your answer should be very ACCURATE and COMPLETE (Precise and Concise), neither lengthy nor irrelevant but cover all aspects. Long answers will NOT necessarily give you high marks.


❖ Identical work found by the instructor will be considered as cheating and no marks will be given to all those involved.

❖ Regarding late submission, 20% will be deducted per day and work submitted 3 days after the due date will not be accepted.

Question 1

a) Define IT infrastructure and what are its components?

b) List each of the eras in IT infrastructure evolution and describe its distinguishing characteristics.

Questions 2 a) Describe the evolving mobile platform, grid computing, and cloud computing. b) Name and describe the three external sources for software.

Question 3 a) Describe the features of a simple network and the network infrastructure for a large company. b) Name and describe the principal technologies and trends that have shaped contemporary telecommunications systems..

Question 4 a) Define a LAN, and describe its components and the functions of each component? b) Define Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMax, 3G network and 4G networks