Factors Affecting the Service Quality of Tour Guides

Tourism industry is now one of the major industries in the Philippines; according to President Aquino it employed 3. 8 million Filipinos or 10. 2 % of national employment in 2011 and contributing 8 % to 9 % of our national GDP. Now, let’s take a closer look to those behind this boosting industry. There are many aspects that tourism industry is progressing in our country and one of that is tour guiding. Many people say that tour guiding is just an easy job, they just have to say “look at your right and look to your left”.

It’s kinda funny, isn’t it? But people should know that tour guides are also one of the reasons why tourist came back to our country again and again. On the recent news of www. sunstar. com. ph by JM Agreda, that BAGUIO City, the Summer Capital and one of the top tourist destinations in the country, ironically, only has three accredited tour guides. Ironic isn’t it? We have a large no. of tourist arrival yet there are only three accredited tour guides even though it is now a mandatory according to Tourism Code of 2009.

Maybe there are reasons behind that, and it could be possibly the service quality that a tour guide are giving. According to World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA), a tour guide should provide a professional service to visitors, professional in care and commitment, and professional in providing an objective understanding of the place visited, free from prejudice or propaganda. But as what happening now ( let’s face the reality ) tour guides are just now guiding for the sake of money and the novelty of that job is left behind.

In this research, the researcher would like to know the factors that affect the professionalism of tour guiding hence, to change it and make it as a novel job and take back the essence of what tour guiding should mean to. STATEMENT OF A PROBLEM 1)What are the profile of the DOT accredited guides in terms of: 1. 1Age 1. 2Gender 1. 3Educational background 1. 4Civil status 1. 5No. of years as an accredited tour guide 2)What are the services offered by the DOT accredited guides? 3)What are the factors that affect the level of service quality of an accredited guide to the following: 3. 1 Guiding skills 3. 2 Assistance 3. 3 Coordination 3.

4 Destination knowledge/background 4) How can be the service quality of DOT accredited be enhanced? SCOPE AND LIMITATION The study seek to identify the variables which related to factors that can affects the service quality of guiding in the Philippines, it concentrated on the accredited tour guides in metro manila and respondent will be 50 people engaged in tours with age gap of 20-30yrs old within metro manila. CONCEPTUAL FRAME WORK Figure #1 As the figure shows, there will be surveys and depth interview to tour operators; tour guides; tourist; government official to know the factors that can affect the service quality of guiding.

In the said way, the researcher would like to get a definite answer to the problem so that the researcher could have a well-founded solution to help regain the right service quality that the tour guide should have. METHODOLOGY .QUALITATIVE .QUANTITATIVE collecting data from various source including travel and tourism literature, goverment reports website for tour guides and news paper to gain insight to current situation regarding tour guides profession Detemining the number of participants to be interview to seekw and gain insight about tje issue to those people who are really involve and part of the industry affected.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The reaserch cunducted just ti know what would be the factors affecting rhe service quality in guiding, to open up the system in guiding that actually happening in the industry of tour guiding and help the goverment oto formulate a program a new program or to enhance their program to educate all the affected industry in tour guiding to enhance their service in terms of providing the service quality in guiding, it also aimed to promote the service guiding profession.