Factors affecting cultural tourism

The events and festivals are recognized as economic drivers, with their help business and tourism are not only industry field which benefits from festivals, but the most cities and municipalities themselves benefit. Cultural tourism has been placed at the center of many urban regeneration strategies because it can provide the basis to reanimate city centers, rejuvenate existing cultural facilities, create new cultural centers, make the cities stand out from other areas, and change city images ( Bianchini 1990 ; Herrero et al., 2005; myerscough, 1988).

A further advantage is the the relationship between culture and tourism is widely regarded as mutually beneficial. It is claimed, for instance, that it creates extra revenue streams for both and, as a consequence, sustains and enhances cultural resources that otherwise might disappear ( Hughes, 2000). Kapodini-dimitrdi (1999) also argued that cultural tourism is seen by many policy makers as a means of developing quality tourism and attracting high spending consumers.

The third advantage of developing cultural tourism is spreading tourism both spatially and temporally, because it is relatively independent of the seasons, and like other forms of special interest tourism it ca prompt people to visit areas of the well-beaten tourist paths (Horriger 2009; hohaned, 2008; Richares and bonink, 1995; Richards 1994) . Socio-cultural impacts The increasing popularity of festivals and events, coupled with their positive and negative impact on host communities has led to growing body of research on the unpact of festivals and events.

A festival demands infrastructure, stadiums and necessary construction, public facilities improve their quality of residents live in the host community. The city focuses on festivals for branding purposes and often in connection with the tourist organization they want projects that will make the city visible. Recently, the festivals growing interest with the spread of cultural life in particular local cultural festivals are being created varius agencies of local goverment. The local goverment official provides flyers, brochures and other pure material to promote the festival.