Exxon Case

Questions:What would you have recommended Chairman Rawl do upon learning of the Prince William Sound oil spill? I would have recommended him to show his presence among the tragedy via media or even at the disaster zone. If it would’ve been my responsibility i wouldn’t even think about it, the health of the world means much more to people than any corporation no matter how big.

How would you have handled the media in this case?I would’ve gone directly to the correct media and shown my concern. I would have suggested that the media helped by asking people from everywhere in the world to give a helping hand either literally physical or by prayers. That way people would feel united by this disaster. I would even consider launching campaigns for alcohol regulations amongst the people because according to reports the boat crashed due to it being controlled by people who where drunk.

What would have been your timing in terms of public relations responses in this case? The faster the better. The timing was horrible due to the positioning that corporations were taking at the end of the 80’s, they were integrating the social responsibility part to their campaigns and by this occurring Exxon was placed as a corporate monster in the minds of millions. Still today we see the gas/oil companies as global monsters which bring no social good.

What would be your overall public relations strategy if you were Exxon’s public relations director? I would reach out to the people and pay all the damages incurred. I would even pay everyone their food while they work and any other support needed. Corporations really need to learn how to work with people, it’s not only about working for the people.

Do you think this case will ever qualify as a “textbook example” of what not to do in a crisis? I think it already does qualify, I think that the chairman has his position due to him supposedly being an “entrepreneur” and entrepreneur are supposed to not only lead a company but show bravery and disposition.

Now that Exxon has merged with Mobil, what is the corporation doing about the environment issues? Why would the company continue to issue news releases about environmental activities so many years after the Exxon Valdez incident?

In the corporation’s website the following is stated: “Our commitment to high ethical standards, legal compliance, and integrity is reflected in our safety and environmental policies and practices worldwide”. I think the company still releases news about the environmental activities due to better practice of public relations. People forgive but they don’t forget; that is why is it necessary for this corporation to keep up with the health issues and show their clients about their new caring image.

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