External Forces

Organizational change can be caused by external forces and internal forces. External forces commence outside of the organization and not only do they affect a company, but they also cause global affects. There are four components that play a crucial role in change of a organization from an external forces view. These four key factors allow a company to under go change and reconstruct its organization to improve its production and services.

Demographics in the work place a re well known for each employee to work at his or her full amount of potential the work place needs effective diversity. Diversity is crucial and within the next 20 years, 80 million young adults will enter the workforce and technology will be a very strong factor to there success.

Technological advancement is another characteristic of external forces that effect an organizations change. Technological advancements help to shape a companies way of producing products, whether its gas from Exxon Mobil or Smartphones that are equipped with the internet. Technology changes will occur everyday, every hour, and every second. It is always a way to improve a product and extensive research proves that.

Customer and Market change are a heavy impact on external forces that change and organization. Customers are the buyers of every product and as time changes customers’ demand more from service and products. If change in service and product are not met then customers will shop in different locations and different store because of low switching company. Social and political pressures play a major part in external changes as well.

Events such as protests, politicians who push for global warming, and ever day individuals who push towards less pollutants being put into air are all external forces. These pressures can be strong at times and can be led by legislative bodies who represent the American people.