Exemlification essay

“A child’s fear is a word whose dark corners are quite unknown to grownups people; it has its sky and its abysses, a sky without stars, abysses into which no light can ever penetrate” said by Julien Green. Everyone’s childhood is full of fears that are personal and maybe something enjoyable for others. Childhood fears are private, so they are built either on a bad experience or a horror story. My childhood was full of fears, but what I mostly remember, and still laugh at those times, is clowns, being lost, and electricity.

To begin with, I was afraid to look at clowns or touch them, even though I was afraid to hear stories about them. Simply, the clown entered all my nightmares. This fear started when once upon a time, a clown was showing on a circus. He invited my friend and me to be his guests in order to perform a play. At that time, I was a six years old child who used to love potato chips more than his brother. Moreover, I was holding my potato chips and standing beside the stupid clown. Suddenly, he took my potato chips and threw it away. I started to cry from my deep heart, and all the audience began to laugh and mock at me. From that day, I hated clowns and considered them as beasts.

In addition, one of my most frightening fears was being lost. The story behind this fear is a very bad experience that I passed through, back in Dec. 29, 2003. My mother and I went to the supermarket to buy some things needed for the New Year’s Eve. As she was shopping, I saw a wonderful, stylish, well designed bicycle. i stopped to look at it, and my mom didn’t notice. After a few minutes, I looked around and found myself lost alone in the middle of thousands of strangers, just as a needle in a heap of straw. When my mom found me after a while, I thanked God every time I was with her.

Another fear that took place in my childhood is electricity. I considered electricity as a free wild animal for many years after the bad accident that happened to my brother. On a sunny day, summer of 1999, my brother and I were playing soccer with our friends in the street beyond our home. My brother was the goal keeper at that time of the game. The goal consisted of two grids; one of them is the electricity grid.

The ball was shot to the electricity grid and stuck up there. Sami, my brother, started to climb that grid to get the ball back. Suddenly, he was stuck beside the ball; eventually, he was electrocuted. We started to shout and yell for help. Then our neighbors saved him in an impossible way. At the hospital, all the doctors said that he was awake from death. Consequently, this horrible accident was analyzed by my four years old mind that electricity kills people.

In conclusion, my childhood fears maybe a big concern for a group of people and a joke for others. Our fears in childhood or in adulthood are always personal. They are due to different stories or experiences based to different lifestyles or different places. In brief, no one must feel embarrassed of his fears, but he/she must deal with them a challenge to pass over in a perfect way with less loses to achieve a precious goal.