The execution of Jewish people

Many Jewish people were executed in Germany. They had been put in concentration camps without food and water. Jews weren’t the only ones that were sent to concentration camps, there were also slaves and Romas which are Gypsies. Some of these people were sent to a German Industry or others were sent to concentration camps. Some were sent to Ghettos- segregated areas of the city or either transported to camps. In the year 1941 the Nazi government adopted the “final solution”. The final solution was the plan to get rid of all the undesirable people in the society.

These camps were then built in 1937. There were many death camps built in a number of places, such as Bergen, Belsen and Buchenwald in Germany and Auschwitz and Treblinka in Poland. They were playing a series of tricks but this was not the only trick they played because there was actually another trick they played by the German scientists.

They were experimenting on how to kill this many people at a certain amount of time and fast as possible. Jewish people were shipped to death camps and as soon as they landed the Germans stripped their clothes, valuables and also shaved their heads. They were all separated from their families and the ones they loved most. Many weak, old and very young people were sent to the showers which had poured toxic gas instead of water.

By 1945 Germans had murdered more than 6 million people who were Jews, Roma, Slavs and other people who were considered “undesirable” which had came to be known as “Holocaust”. In the month of April, 1943 65,000 Jews remaining in the Warsaw ghettos in Poland had fought the German police for three weeks until they were transported to death camps. In 1944, a group of Jews in Auschwitz destroyed one of the gas chambers. They had all been caught and executed. Being a Jewish person in Hitler’s time was a crime. If we think about what we see and hear it’s painful but what the Jewish had to go through was miserable.