Examination System

A country without no education can noy progress.only the eduaeted and skilled people can make way to sucess.foe good examination an adequate system of examination is required.unfortunately,our system of examination is not satisfacyory.it is replete with faults. the current system of is such as test of knowledge not of students memory and noy of ability of the student to think broder and develop a sense of writting and producing the meterial himself.the questions asked in the examination are not such to the iborn facilities to the students.though the students pass the examination like this they do not have the awareness greatly.

Furthermore the method of evalution of scripts is faulty.evert examiner has a particular outlook,temperment and a specified way of observing.they never had the proper training.their mood is even effected by the atmosphere.as a result the assessment is more personal and therefore inaccurate.moreover the questions asked in the paper are subjected and can not be awarded good marks, in our country the climate extreme kind and examination mostly happens in extremr summer which affects the students more.

The scorching heat lead to serval troubles.the studenys can not co centrate fuly on their work.they have to write in the paper by sweating hands. moreover,our acadimic terms are short because of the extreme weather conditions.consequently students can not cover up their whole syllabus.this also adds problems to our students. the goverment must take look at our these problems and take serval steps to improve it.save the future of our country because we students are the future of pakistan.