Event Industry

This essay will look and discuss the negative and the positive impact of the London Olympics from the perspective of the stakeholders as well as keeping the local community, sponsors, guests, organisers and workers in mind. The main stakeholders of the London Olympics are:

* Customers* Athletes* Residences of Greater London* Sponsors* Tourists* Local business small/ medium sized* Large national businesses* International Business* Local councils of London* Mayor of London* Transport* Infrastructure* Emergency services** Government & Olympic bodies* DCMS* BOA* LOCOG* IOC* NOC* The Legacy company* Other part-taking countries* Economy* Financial institutes

Olympic Games are going to have a huge impact on London and the surrounding cities there are going to be an extra 4 million visitors this year, this will not only effect all areas and business but will push the infrastructure of London to its limits. It will require unprecedented planning measures and the input of several different government and intelligence agencies to ensure a safe and successful Olympics takes place.

Throughout London all employees will be stretched and may be preforming tasks which they may not originally been employed to do but as the Olympics come closer there will be an increase in demand for manpower in businesses as everyone prepares for the mega event of the year. Already many firms have cancelled leave during the Olympic times. Already emergency services are under criticism as they fail to meet the required manpower number s and alternative measures are being put in place for example the fire service is no longer providing full fire brigades instead smaller response unites will be deployed around the Olympics sites.

Local council will be ideated with demands form their residences and special permits for business and licences, this will stretch the councils workers across the board, many workers may be working overtime to meet the demand of the busy period. This will be a turning point for the councils as this will increase businesses in the area and employers will pay business rates, local councils in most areas of London will be finically better off.

Most communities are involved as it comes to the run up to the Olympics and the legacy company is ensuring they stay involved after the games are over, when the host city was chosen and the work commenced communities and businesses at the east of London suffered months and months of carnage and when the games are finished they will be able to enjoy the faculties left behind.

There are many negative points of the Olympics such as overcrowding, major risk due to political instability in other countries residents may feel they are at risk of attack from exterior sources. Mass funding will flood in to London from overseas business and the boom in the tourism industry this will encourage the well needed economic growth, employment will rise to its highest levels and drop back down after the Olympic games. The Olympic Games will encourage new and younger athletes to take part in the sports and carry on the games legacy.


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