Evaluate the “Puch-Dub” Volkeswagon Comp.

2. Evaluate the “PunchDub” campaign that the Deutsch LA agency developed when it took over the Volkswagen of America account. Discuss the pros and cons of the campaign and assess the way it was implemented by the agency.

After reading the article on Volkswagen “Punch Dub” campaign that the Deutsch LA agency created. The primary goal of the “Punch Hub” campaign developed by Deutsch LA was to raise awareness of the Volkswagen product line in North American market. However, one of the challenges VW faces is that consumers know the VW brand but are not buying the company’s cars as awareness is very high.

The “Punch Hub” campaign was designed to address this problem and make consumers aware of the other vehicles in the VW product line such as the Passat, Golf and GTI. They built this campaign around the classic Punch Buggy (or Slug Bug) game. The Deutsch LA reached a market through IMC which was a TV commercial doing the 2010 Super Bowl. The advertisement tapped into every generation that watched the 2010 Super Bowl. I didn’t see to many cons in its campaign the only con was made online by VM competitors. The “Punch Dub” campaign accomplished what it was trying to achieve, to reach a new market and get its other brand of cars known to the world, with the commercial and VW dealers and the online media.

The “Punch Hub” campaign was implemented by using variety of IMC tools and was a very good way to address the VW market in facing of low awareness for many vehicles in its product line. One limitation that might be noted is that of whether consumer would actually take the time to become engaged with the online campaign and play the “PunchDub” game. Consumers who did not do so would not learn more about the VW product line and one might argue that the IMC program would have been more effective if the monies had been spent by promoting the entire product line more directly. However, this would have been very expensive and may not have been as engaging and effective as the “PunchDub” campaign.