European Union and United Nations Organization

Introduction: On 11 October 1974, the UN General Assembly gave observer status to the European Economic Community (EEC). EU was first non-state entity to get UN’s observer status and participation rights especially in Economic and Social Council . EU gives respect to the UN’s value of freedom, democracy and human rights. Co-ordination in international organization is emphasized by article 34 of the Treaty of European Union (TEU). Numerous meeting are convened on General Assembly and ECOSOC draft resolutions.

EU is the largest financial contributor in UN’s regular budget along with in its official development assistance and peace keeping missions. EU provides some 40 % of UN’s budget. The aim of this paper is to deal with the role of the EU such as its representation, cooperation, contribution at the United Nations. Financial Contribution: EU’s financial contribution at the UN is given below. | | | | |UN BUDGET |GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT AID. |UN PEACE –KEEPING MISSION | | | | | |40% |55. 6% |40. 6% | Cooperation in Defense and Strategy: United Nations and EU launch several civilian and military operations together.

EUPOL police reform operation works with United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. There are lot of programmers, such as EUSEC RDC and EUPOL RDC in the Democratic Republic of Congo; mobilizing resources amounting to $1. 5 billion in the earthquake in Haiti in January, Operation Atlanta in Somalia coast and so on. Representation: The president of the European Council, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the President of the Commission and the Head of the EU Delegation and its colleagues represent the EU at the UN.

Conclusion: As the commitment to UN Charter EU works for building a multilateral system for multilateral solutions of common problems. EU becomes a global actor and plays role in the review of the peace building and peace keeping mechanisms. EU contributes to the preparatory work of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development to achieve efficient system of International Environmental Governance. EU supports the General Assembly Third body in the implementation of Human Rights standard. EU strives to promote reform of the UN system also.