European union funds

1)Hi! My topic today is European union funds and I would like to tell you something more about this topic. 2)There is a structure of my presentation and lets start by vocabulary. 3)There are the most important words from this presentation The Structural Fund = Strukturalni fond The Cohesion Fund = Kohezni fond European Regional Development Fund = Evropsky fond pro regionalni rozvoj European Social Fund = Evropsky socialni fond Regional competitiveness = Regionalni konkurenceschopnost.

Railway Infrastructure Administration = Sprava zeleznicni a dopravni cesty 4)Lets look now at European Union Funds. The Structural Fund and the Cohesion Fund are financial tools set up to implement the regional policy of the European Union. European Structural Funds provide EU Member States and regions with assistance to overcome structural deficiencies and to enable them to strengthen competitiveness and increase employment. The current Regional Policy framework is set for a period of seven years, from 2007 to 2013.

The Structural Funds are made up of the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund 5)Moving on now to the scope of The European Regional Development Fund. There we can see the Scope of this Fund. The European Regional Development Fund contributes towards financing the following measures: Objective “Convergence” modernising economic structures; creating sustainable jobs; stimulating economic growth; attention to areas with specific characteristics: urban, remote, mountainous, sparsely populated and the outermost regions.

Objective “Regional competitiveness & employment” innovation and knowledge economy (research & technological development, innovation & entrepreneurship, financial engineering); environment and risk prevention (cleaning up polluted areas, energy efficiency, clean urban public transport, risk prevention plans); access to transport and telecommunications. Objective “Territorial cooperation” cross-border economic and social and environmental activities; transnational cooperation interregional cooperation.

6)Now I will say something about The European Social Fund and the Cohesion Fund. The European Social Fund The ESF focuses on four key areas: -increasing the adaptability of workers and enterprises -enhancing access to employment and participation in the labour market -reinforcing social inclusion by combating discrimination and facilitating access to the labour market for disadvantaged people -promoting partnership for reform in the fields of employment and inclusion. The Cohesion Fund.

The Cohesion Fund contributes to interventions in the field of the environment and trans-European transport networks. 7)Lets look now at the Budget The Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund make up one of the largest items of the Union’s budget. The overall budget for the period ( from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2013) is €347bn: €201bn for the European Regional Development Fund, €76bn for the European Social Fund, €70bn for the Cohesion Fund. 8)Before two weeks I read about one project…about Airport track in Prague.

Now I will tell more details about it. It would be possible to get European money on construction of a rail link between the city centre and the airport of Prague. The condition is linking Masaryk Railway Station and Central Station using mobile belt. So transport would be faster for people. Construction of the rail link to the airport, prepared by the Ministry of Transport with Prague and the Railway and Infrastructure. The reconstruction of the track would cost a billion crowns. It is not approved.