The European Union : Contributing to Peace and Prosperity

I am to draw your kind attention to the Commissioner’s meeting with Joint Secretary’s Chamber regarding conduct of a European Union Essay Competition 2013-14. This contest will be fined to Class XI students. It is proposed that the essay competition may be conducted on the convenient date between 25th Nov. and 10th Dec. 2013. The Essay Competition will be held between 700 to 800 words. There will be penalty for exceeding the word limit. Marks will be given for research and knowledge, argument/logic, originality, language and participation.

Time allocation will be for 2 hrs. Essay writing will be English or Hindi. Students will not be allowed to use any type of resources or help from outside. A-4 sheets should be given to the participating students, by the Vidyalayas for writing the essay. Each sheet should carry the stamp of the Vidyalaya with its full name and location. The students will write his/her name and Class on each sheet in capital letters on top right hand corner of the sheet.

The participants will write on any one of the following subjects : 1. The European Union : Contributing to Peace and Prosperity. 2. The EU and India : Five New Proposals for Fruitful Cooperation 3. The EU and India : Promoting a Sustainable Future Before the competition, the students can discuss the subject with their teachers and find resources from library on the above subjects. Invigilating authorities are not allowed to discuss subjects or provide any information to participants during the essay writing.

The essays will be evaluated by the school teachers and Principal and best three essays will be sent by the Principal, after retaining the copy with them, to the concerned Regional Office. Certificates will be given to all the participating students by the European Union. Prizes will be given to all the students whose essays are selected by the school who secure their place in Best Three. : 2 : At All India level, there will be prize for top 100 essays.

The best five essay writers will be felicitated by the Ambassador of the European Union in New Delhi and they will be taken on a ten day all expenses paid educational tour of Europe during school holidays in the summer of 2014 during which they will be accompanied by a teacher who has previous familiarity with European history and culture. The NVS will assist the prize winners to obtain their passport. The European Union will have the right to publish the top 100 essays – including excerpts – in book, brochure, website and facebook.

Since this is a very good opportunity for students, the Vidyalayas may be directed to take a prompt and immediate action. We are sending herewith 23 nos. of Pen Drives for your region which have been forwarded by the European Union. (For Chandigarh and Shillong the no. of Pen Drives is 20) These pen drives contain the details on European Union and films in English and Hindi which will be of great help for the participating students to express their views and ideas on their chosen subject for essay writing. You are requested to forward these pen drives to the concerned JNVs of your region.

We are also sending herewith some posters which can be put on display board of the Vidyalays for the students to know about this competition. The Regional Offices should ensure that this letter, pen drives and posters should reach to all the JNVs immediately and the concerned AC Cluster I/c should take a prompt action for making students to write the essay competition where the teachers need to assist them. Yours faithfully (TCS Naidu) Joint Commissioner(Acad) Copy to : 1. DC(Acad), NVS Hqrs. 2. AC(Acad) I & II, NVS Hqrs. 3. PA to Commissioner, NVS 4. Website of NVS.