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New world order brings along the effects of cold war that was experienced after the end of the 2nd World War with some countries like the US who wanted to control the world. Each nation wants to enjoy its freedom, political stability and control its recourses. The introduction of new world order will create tension which will result to war and destruction of states. The European States have been able to introduce the Euro currency and controlled trade among its member states making them gain control and power.

This however, should not make it a reason to control all the countries under one global rule and religion. States that want to enter into this type of agreements should be allowed to do so willingly and not be forced to comply. The new World Order. New world order entails the leadership of the world by the super power which controls all other world states and ensures there is global peace and good economic stability. With this enforcement, the world is to be under submission of one government which will control religion, governance and the overall economic system.

The European Union has already installed the Euro currency and trade among its member states hence gaining its supremacy. The people who support the introduction new world order include top political leaders, world’s wealthiest people and the corporate world (Slaughter 2004). Future conflict will be witnessed if this system of governance will be introduced but some believe that it will improve the economy and create peace. This is however not the case because the whole world cannot be controlled by one super power considering each nations background, believes, political system and sovereignty.

Different countries have different religions which they honor and will not trade it because the super power has a different opinion regarding it. Freedom of choice is a factor that cannot be ignored and most of the states want to practice it without interference from any international influence (Slaughter 2004). Countries especially in the Middle East are rich in minerals and natural resources which they will want to protect by all means possible, war included. They value their freedom and do not tolerate any interference from the super powers.

They actually perceive it as exploitation. All this indifferences will create war in the long run. In today’s world, the super powers want to gain supremacy and power which will create tension among states and will use all ways like the purchase of nuclear bombs just to be ready in case of war which will cause many fatalities to innocent people. In this paper we discuss the effects of new world order in relation to the impacts experienced during the cold war era (Slaughter 2004). War

Nuclear war which was experienced during the 2nd world war could resurface when countries are fighting for supremacy and the easy availability of war materials like guns and bombs will lead to death and destruction like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki war whose effects are still faced to date. The cold war was as a result of competition among states immediately after the 2nd world war1939-1945 where political tension, economic competition and military tension was witnessed between the Soviet Union and the US where each wanted to be declared super power creating world wide tension with nations torn in between.

Convectional war was witnessed during the cold war between North Korea and the Chinese in 1952 where they used military weapons and guerilla tactics to attack each other. This lasted for two months after declaration of ceasefire from both parties but lived in tension with each side ready to attack the other . The Soviet Union intervened and gained control of this two nations making more powerful than the US which wanted to gain control of this situation (Slaughter 2004).

After the end of the World War, conflicts were experienced after the fall of the Soviet Union where Yugoslavia and Russia witnessed ethnic conflicts which led to violence and civil war. Having a global leader will mean all resources are controlled by one leader. Areas with rich minerals will feel exploited and will do anything to protect their resources. This kind of exploitation will result to unfairness where poor areas in resources will take advantage of the rich areas.

This will lead to ethnic war and tensions as experienced in Japan when areas with fertile grounds were given military protection by the Soviet Union in exchange for agricultural land in 1942 (Slaughter 2004). Terrorism has become common especially in the Middle East with the rise of suicide bombers all over. New world order will create tension which will lead to nations fighting against each other to gain supremacy and bombing of cities is being seen among countries like Israel, Pakistan and Iraq.

The creation one central government will lead to frequent terrorist attacks leading to poor global economic situations (Slaughter 2004). In conclusion, the new world order will raise issues like international war which many people will die and resources wasted all because of the need of being in control. Each state should govern itself and those who have entered into agreements like the EU should do so at their own free will. Exploitation especially among the states that are rich in resources will be common in the occurrence of a new world order.

Some of the implications of the 2nd world war are still felt to date and the tensions felt during the cold war show that the world is really not at peace with each other and introduction of new world order will trigger the start of war. International peace will prevail when each country has the ability to control its own political system, resources and economy. . Reference Slaughter, Anne-Marie. (2004). A new world order. New Jersey: Princeton Press.