European Politics

United States of Europe: There has been a considerable effort by several European countries to come up with United States of Europe (USE) over the past years but this looks like a dream that cannot be achieved in the near future. Just before the United States of Europe Constitution was drafted through the convention, there were disagreements among the member countries concerning how the proposed union will be governed, a subject which has become a contentious issue.

This is evidenced by several members’ countries rejecting the approved Reform Treaty for the USE which was drafted in the year 2007, a development which has caused a stalemate in achieving the dream. This democratic dream is argued by many proponents that it will take Europe to a greater level in all various aspects including economic wise thus giving it a chance to contain the competition from ever improving Asian countries like China and Japan.

There have been great fear and discontent among member countries regarding to doing away with the principle of unanimity and relinquishing power to a further centralized government or union. The purpose of this essay therefore is to establish and examine the best USE constitution that will ultimately be agreed upon by the member countries and thus save this union from further collapse by reaching on a consensus on various issues regarding to the union.

In any social setup conflicts do arise and it’s the leaders who are entrusted with responsibility of mediating the wrangling factions who tend to disagree on significant issues and since the USE is a democracy with a large amount of political parties in it with diversity in cultures, a good political system to be adopted should be that of confederation system of governing. A confederation system can be defined as an affiliation of independent states or group of people whereby it is as a result of a treaty but with a universal view of accepting a general constitution.

This will be an ideal situation for the USE because they will deal with vital issues including; defense, foreign trade, common currency, and general foreign affairs with the adopted central government having the responsibility of giving the necessary support to all member countries. In my opinion the confederation system of government will be an ideal system since it is always restricted to a lasting unification of self-governing states for general dealings in relation to other states.

In my view several countries rejected the Reform Treaty for the USE that was drafted in 2007 because some of the articles in the treaty did not neither reserve for sovereignty for the member countries nor did it provide for the retention of the right to secession. A clear understanding of confederation should be clearly noted and it should not be confused with federation system of government, that is, confederation is an association which is like a federation in its structure but it is a loose grouping which entails a relatively feeble central government as compared to federal system.

This kind of system should be adopted by USE and it is also my view that certain clauses of British system should be incorporated for example a Westminster type of government should be formed whereby all the member countries should be entitled to elect one prime minister who will form the government with the consultation of leaders of the member countries. The new USE constitution should also provide for joint system of parliament to be formed for example, the National Assembly for USE whereby members nominated from different member countries can debate and implement on issues relating to the union.

The clause that outlines the interest of all member countries need to be incorporated which outlines the basis of dividing the positions among themselves in order to avoid any discontentment and conflicts which may lead to collapse of the union. The kind of system of governing the union should adopt an independent electoral system whereby all citizens and eligible voters from the member countries get an opportunity to elect their leaders.

In my opinion the electoral commissioners should not be appointed, for example by the prime minister but rather it should be done by member countries through their representatives selecting officials and presenting them to the central government. There should be an opportunity for all to vote and I would therefore recommend in the constitution for an electronic voting system that is fully integrated among the member countries to ease in the voting exercise and ensure that no single person is denied the right to exercise his voting rights.

I will strongly outline the ways in which the union should adopt in order to take caution in the use of new systems and they should do away with the system that do not present a voter verified paper audit trace. The union constitution should also come up with a common currency among member states, which will enhance business transactions among member states. However, the currencies of the independent states or countries should be retained but should not apply to doing business among the member states.

The use of flexible foreign exchange currency control systems should be encouraged in order to enhance trading activities among member countries, that is, the enacted constitution should provide freely exchange of different currencies of member states. The relaxation of trade regulations among countries should be provided and outlined in the new constitution, for example, restrictions on imports and exports of products among member states should be done away with.

A common external trade policy should be considered for enactment and provision for factors of production to move freely among member countries should be incorporated. In order to attain the common market, the USE constitution should provide a clause that will entail the harmonization of monetary policies and employment policies among member countries. This high degree of integration demands a coordinating bureaucracy and the sacrifices of significant sovereignty to that of bureaucracy.

In order to attain a political union the respective member countries immigration departments should relax their traveling rules and regulations to allow citizens of member countries to move and interact freely. With such a system there will be considerable equal development for all member countries. I strongly believe that with such a system of governing and a detailed constitution providing for the above institutions the dream of achieving a United States of Europe will be realized and all the countries involved will be satisfied and ready to work together.

However, before the enactment of the new constitution, an extensive research and consultation regarding to provisions to be made should be done across member countries to avoid further conflicts that may threaten the chances of the success of the United States of Europe.


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