Eugenics and Discrimination

"The word was coined in 1883 by Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin", says John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe, Prolife Activist, Researcher and Writer. Charles Darwin is known with his evolution theory which supports natural selection. When eugenics is dug in further; it is understood that compared to Darwin's natural selection, eugenics is "artificial" selection. 

Apparently, Galton classified genetically defected people in a different group than the "human race". The whole meaning of eugenics is sterilizing the human race of the "unfit". As I read lines about people that supported eugenics and the cleansing of "unfit" human race; crippled, ill and genetically defected; my eyes widened.

As I think deeper into it, I just can't believe what the human beings are capable of. The idea of eugenics supports the negligence of a very large population on earth; crippled people. On the other hand, it is unbelievable that guided by Darwin's evolution theory, people could actually imagine that they could "fix" the human race and create a "flawless" one. It is very cruel to think that people that aren't born the same way everyone else does are "mistakes" of life and birth. 

Throughout history, the eugenics ideology was implemented by abortion and the gathering of the "defected" people in special centers. Separating these people from society, taking away the chance of their reproduction is pure denial of their existence.

What I strongly believe in is that it's not the legs, the eyes or the arms that make a human a human being. As long as people are born, have a heart and a soul; no one could possibly have the right to label them as "mistakes" and take their chances of life away from them. What eugenics aimed was exactly this: the creation of a pure and perfect human race by deleting the mistakes. The misinterpretations and cruel implementations of the eugenics obviously brought the Nazi Holocaust with it. It is a great pity, that so many people were exterminated for a utopia; a meaningless dream (nightmare); the perfect, flawless human race. 


Although the truth of discrimination is subtle, everyone no matter how many times they deny this subtle truth, always do discriminations. Some people think that discrimination is a word only based on treating people from different "races" separately. Discrimination has tons of forms. I hate a couple of them, I do a couple of them and just like that a couple of them that I do, I don't even notice.

If I should hate a form of discrimination, I should not be doing it. Guided by this fact, I can say that I hate discrimination based on economical status. It is undeniable that there is a pyramid of the society where there are classes. There are people that earn a lot and have more advantages than the people that earn less. When I see rich people treat their maids contemptuously I really feel like killing them.

I have seen a lot of instances of this case: some on TV and some from my parents' friends. They treat them like 2nd and even 3rd class people and consider them as low, uneducated, stupid people. If you see someone, working as a maid at a house, "oh yes, she is definitely not educated and probably won't be clever". There are so many people that disregard people that don't belong to the upper class that they belong to. It is so pitiful seeing economy dividing people that have a lot in common to "classes". The existence and power of classes in a society is inevitable and undeniable. 

There are a lot of examples in the world where economical levels create impenetrable prejudices. Although we see celebrities giving out money, funding organizations; I am sure that they exploit a lot of people that work for them. It can't be true that they are in friendly relations with them. Furthermore, it is inescapable when it comes to celebrities with tons of cash in their banks to mistreat the people that belong to a different social class. Of course, these are only my assumptions guided by my dislike of celebrities as they earn a lot of money.

But still, if we look back in history, we can see that after the industrial revolution the concept of economical and social classes of people became more concrete every passing day. Considering that the industrial revolution took place in the 1750s, the "class" notion was coined back then. Although hundreds of years have past till today, an understanding that has its roots so deep in the world, can't deny its existence. This understanding that still keeps growing its roots under the soil of the world is the discrimination based on economical and social classes. 

I hate prejudices and instances of discrimination when it comes to people that are labeled to "belong" to a different class than others. I really get angry because, no one has the right to judge and classify the people in the first place. Accepting the fact that some people have been less fortunate than others in economical aspects, this doesn't mean that people should confront the failures of these people by discriminating them. Regardless of what they earn or own, people shouldn't be insulting or showing contempt to the less fortunate with their behaviors and actions.