Ethics – Morality

A code of ethics is thought of as guidance that helps a person be able to choose how to act in certain situations. Ethics is very important people who hold positions of power above others and serve as a leader in the community. Since they have a huge influence on society other members of the criminal justice system make critical decisions and the choices they make have a huge effect on the lives of the people within the community that they work in.

Due to the positions that they hold it is very critical that they make the right decisions on how to handle certain situations so that they give the right impression to the people in the community. They also have to make sure that they have ethics and moral values when pertaining to their job because of the consequences that could come with not being ethical or morally correct. As it relates to me, it is important to have personal, academic, and professional integrity.

It is important to have integrity as a person because it gives other people a quick outlook on the type of person that you are. If you don’t have integrity and other people can sense it then they may not take you serious as it pertains to the criminal justice field and therefore it may be hard for you to obtain a well-paid job. Having integrity can insure that you have a place as a known person in the criminal justice system. Having personal integrity to me means that I as a person, will know that I am doing everything the right way and that I am going by the laws that have been established.

I will know in my hear that there is no way that people will be able to say that I am abusing the criminal justice system for my own personal gain. Personal integrity will make me feel good as a person because I will know that nothing can be used against me because I am doing my job right. Having academic integrity means that you are insured to get a job over someone who did not take their studies as serious as you when they should have. Based on your grades employers will judge you and your grades will show them how serious you are about your career and where it takes you.

If you are not concerned about your grades then it will show your future employers that you maybe are not adamant about being in the criminal justice field and that could hurt you in the long run. Your grades should reflect you as a person, and show others that you are serious about your career in the criminal justice system. Although agencies don’t require education it is better to have some form of education. According to our book having higher education guarantees better communication with the public and helps the police officer be able to perform more effectively.

Having professional integrity can make you feel good because you gain a sense of belonging. With professional integrity you may gain the respect of people over you in higher positions. If you feel like you a known professionally for doing well it will increase your wants to be a better person in the criminal justice field. Being professional may also get you a long way when it comes to the people in the community. The people in the community will respect you more because you are very professional and take you job serious as a role model in the community.