Essay on Renewable Resources

Since the discovery of petroleum in 1860, fossil fuels have been considered to be the main source of power for our industries, cars, machinery and way of life. Its availability was never called into question until the crisis of 1973. With the current global growth rythm and with the widespread knowledge that these fossil fuels will eventually be depleted, scientists turned toward the research of renewable energy sources with minimal pollution rate and cost. With the current rate of economy and demographic growth, what will our children use for power?

Will it be feasible and not dangerous to keep using the same sources we currently use? We definitly need to find a new business model of sustainable growth that enables us to keep growing economically and guarantee constant development but also guarantee the equilibrium of the enviroment and nature. Renewable energy sources are crucial for the future business model in the coming 200 years. With the common knowledge that our current source of energy will not supply our way of life for more than 40 years, it is imperative new sources are found.

Renewable energy sources are meant to be in a constant amount for the next thousand years. The use of renewable energy sources will never diminished due to its perennial and constant natural renewal. There are four main energy sources considered to be renewable such as solar, hydro-electric, geothermal, and wind energy. The wind keeps blowing, the sun keeps shining, the water keeps flowing, and the Earth keeps heating underground rocks. This energy will be around for as long as the Earth is, so we don’t have to worry about running out of it.

Therefore, these four renewable sources are crucial for the future business model. One frightening problem that humanity now faces and could threatens our permanence on this world is the global warming. As we all known, the world is heating up in a constant rate and it will cause problems and natural catastrophes such as the increase of the water level, the melt of ice poles, droughts all over the world, erosion, and floods. This global warming is caused by greenhouse gases leeked by fossil fuel.

These gases have a negative effect because they capture warm and provoce an increase in the temperature of the planet as a whole. On the other hand these greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide cause the perforation of layer ozone that protects us from solar radiation. Eventually these problems, all along with with natural catastrophes will become so big and dangerous that it they will run out of our hands, and we will not be able to fix them if we not use renewable and non-polluting energy sources that guarantee the sustainability of the enviroment and nature.

As every other technology in its most early phases of development, these alternative energy sources are currently quite expensive to use and to apply, even though goverments should invest significant amounts of money into research in order to make these tecnologies cheaper and more efficient than they are now. Goverments should not only work on making these technology affordable but to encourage people and energy demandants that this type of technology is the energy source of the future and it will save the planet from its artificial destruction.

In Brief, our current business model and the way we conduct our lifes will have to be reconsidered, and a way of doing that will be using and powering our lifestyle with renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. These sources are the key for a new business future model of sustainable growth that enables us to guarantee constant society development but also to take care of the enviroment and planet we live in.