Essay on New Mexico State Crime Situation

New Mexico State is one of the hubs for cultural and ethnic diversification in US. It mostly consists of Native Americans and Hispanic population. The crime rate due to diversity of population is extremely high in New Mexico. It is a region where violent crime does exists but not to a great extent compared to cities like Houston or New York or Los Angeles where crime rate is very high. New Mexico cities are among the unsafe cities of United States of America. The most persistent crime in this region is of property vandalism personal vengeance and drug trafficking.

The latest crime trends observed that contribute towards high crime rate are racial system, poverty, ineffective educational system and dubious role of media. All these factors contributed to enhance the impact of the problem. Diversity leads to conflict and conflict leads to crime. Increase crime rate has direct impact on the standard of living, productivity and peace situation of a state. Therefore a critical evaluation of the situation is necessary for identification of root cause along with methods of implementing mitigation efforts. Table of Content STATE REPORT ON NEW MEXICO Introduction:

This is a research on the “New Mexico State Crime Report. ” In this essay some important questions are addressed through critical thinking and evaluation of facts. • What is the nature of crime in New Mexico? • What are the crime trends in New Mexico? How do these trends compare with national trends? • Are there regions or cities in New Mexico that are unusual for the state’s overall crime rates? • What might account for these differences? • What are real solutions to some of the crime problems in New Mexico? This research will facilitate in identifying the issues behind criminal activities in the state of New Mexico.

A critical analysis of facts and figures will help in identifying the root cause of the problem. Brief Overview of New Mexico: In the south western region, New Mexico State is located. It is highly populated by Native Americans. Hispanics are also inhabited of New Mexico comprising of 43% of total population in the state. Trafficking is extremely common in this region. Immigrants are continuously settling in the state. Some Hispanics have also settled in New Mexico from dated back to Spanish Colonist era but most Hispanic population has recently settled down in the New Mexico.

There are two tribes that mostly inhabits this region namely Navajo and Pueblo people. New Mexico is the sixth most sparsely inhabited U. S. state. That is why with a high density population crime rate in the country is also high as shown in figure 1. 1. Crime can be described as a serious offense, especially one in violation of morality. In every society the presence of good and evil exits there is not a single country in which crime does not take place. Similar is the case with New Mexico.