Essay About Me

My name is ………………………. I was born and raised in Queens, New York. Currently I am a full time college student at La Guardia Community College. My major is Criminal Justice. I am planning on transferring to John Jay of Criminal Justice after I earn my 45 college credits in order to join the New York Police Department Cadet , my GPA is also good enough to be qualified on John Jay. I am currently a volunteer for New York Police Department Auxiliary.

Since I was a kid I used to like different fields at first I was pondering on going to the Marines, then it was to be a Veterinarian, also become a Forensic, after all those fields didn’t precisely content me I pondered about not going to college but better off becoming a professional boxer I have always loved the sport I remember watching Mike Tyson’s fights, Roy Jones Jr. , Oscar de la Hoya, Julio Cesar Chavez, Bernard Hopkins and the list goes on.

Before coming to college I was really into boxing a lot I would train everyday, I would go through intense workout’s, sparring against amateur and professional boxers all the time , it helped build up my confidence but what disturbed was that my family never supported me when I want beat up people for a living. That’s why am more focused on college rather than boxing, I would still go twice a week but the interest for becoming a pro wasn’t on my mind anymore, my main focus was on joining the K9 unit because I passionate on law enforcement but I also love dogs so I might as well mix the two things that I have a strong passion for.

On my senior year of high school is when I decided to become a K9 officer when my friend Mark got me to join the New York Police Department Auxiliary I was astonished as soon as my classes started I enjoyed every since class because it filled my mind with a lot of knowledge about law enforcement I become more and more interested on the field that I was 100 percent sure that I should pursue my career in criminal justice.

Law enforcement has ran on my family my great grandfather went to the military in Ecuador, my grandfather and uncles have also being a part of the military in Ecuador. To be a part of the K9 unit I need to at least have a associates degree, I must go to a police academy after my graduation so I be trained on being a police officer first in order to be ready for the dangerous work that a police officer goes through on a daily base, You have to pass an entrance test, take and pass a psychological exam and physical exam, have no record of isdemeanor or felony convictions and pass a polygraph test, in addition to the educational requirements most police departments are looking for bachelor’s degrees, there are many police agencies and federal agencies like the Drug Enforcement Agency or Customs and Border Patrol as well as the Transportation Security Administration. My first job was in construction at the age of sixteenth I went with my step father to work with him, it was an on and off job because of school, I did it for a couple months especially during the summer then my grandfather took me to work with him in his jewelry store which is located in Manhattan.

I would greet people, help them with selecting specific jewels rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, and so much more. I am currently unemployed but I like to keep myself busy by doing the volunteer in the NYPD, being a full time student is hard because I don’t usually get a brake from all the homework’s, assignments, essays and so on.

I also like to hang out with friend on the weekends, I would also go boxing on my free time or I would go help my grandfather in the jewelry store, I also like to travel a lot I have gone to Miami, Ecuador, California, Canada, and I once went to Mexico because my friend invited me to her birthday it was a full paid trip from the flight ticket to the hotel and my expenses. I have gone to many great and beautiful places full of wonderful memories.

My favorite place would have to be Orlando, Florida I had such a great time going to many theme parks, beaches, parties, and cursing around Orlando with my friend Ivan and his wife Mary. Literacy is one of my biggest passions in my life, I like to read the news a lot to be informed of what is going on around us I read at least two articles a day on my blackberry before I come to school and after when am going home and I also love to free write on my journal, writing poems, short stories, and I also like to do interviews especially targeting the people who are in my major of interest.

I once had to do an interview for my critical thinking class it was required for me to select someone who has achieved the same career I am in, I had to write down ten questions also with follow up questions. The person selected for my interview was officer ………….. of the 109th precinct. Officer …….. has been a police officer for fourteen years, after the interview I was more driven to my career the stories ……… old me were amazing, he also gave me a lot of advice with how I can succeed in college also when I become a police officer and the advices were to ask questions, to attend tutoring, be respectful to people, obey orders at means, and most importantly to be a critical thinker. My goals, my dreams and my ambition will be my main focuses during college in order to succeed and in order to become a great K9 officer who will interact well with people from all races, gefnder, and class.

My target is to earn my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, I have the full support of my friends, family and am very motivated. I see myself in the future as a well educated individual, who will be having a career that he truly enjoys, someone who can deal with people not just lay down the law, someone who can sympathize with people, and Someone who is well prepared who is willing to think big, to achieve their goals and becomes a police officer of a higher rank this will make people in the community and inside the police department respect him or her more.