Enhancement the Security in Cloud Computing


Cloud computing provides a new computing paradigm that delivers IT as a service. The objectives of the new computing paradigm are to increase capacity and capabilities at runtime without investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software, and training new recruits. Cloud computing permits customers to utilize cloud services on the fly in pay-as-you-go manner [1,2] through the Internet. The services provided by the cloud computing environment are: • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),

• Data storage as a Service (DaaS),• Communication as a Service (CaaS),• Security as a Service (SecaaS),• Hardware as a Service (HaaS),• Software as a Service (SaaS),• Business as a Service (BaaS),• and Platform as a Service (PaaS).There are a number of security issues/concerns associated with cloud computing but these issues fall into two broad categories: Security issues faced by cloud providers (organizations providing software-, platform-, or infrastructure-as-a-service via the cloud) and security issues faced by their customers.[3]

In most cases, the provider must ensure that their infrastructure is secure and that their clients’ data and applications are protected while the customer must ensure that the provider has taken the proper security measures to protect their information. Security is very important to considered so in this proposal we try to elaborate and analyze the various unresolved issues in the cloud computing environment and try to propose alternative techniques which can be useful to the various architecture of controlling security in cloud computing.


Our aim is to exist and validate a new techniques to enhance the security in cloud computing using techniques such as:

• Implement strong API access control• Encrypt and protect integrity of data in transit

• Analyze data protection at both design and run time

• Implement strong key generation, storage and management and destruction practices.


• To study concept of security in cloud computing.• To study concept of different security threats in cloud computing. • To study concept of different security challenges in cloud computing. • To study concept of Data Loss/Leakage in cloud computing. • To find out and develop new efficient Design/Algorithms to solve the problem of Data Loss/Leakage. • To give recommendations and conclusions for future enhancement.


The current study is to investigate into “Enhancement The Security in Cloud Computing”


“Enhanced Survey and proposal to secure the data in Cloud Computing Environment” Mr.S.Subbiah et al. / International Journal Of Engineering Sciences And Technology (IJEST). Proposed a new architecture to secure tha data stored in cloud data center [4]. They tried to implement data displacement strategy, user oriented Service Level Agreement and Improve the Quality of the service.

“Survey on Cloud Computing Security” Shilpashree Srinivasamurthy et al./ Indiana University – Purdue University Fort. Surveyed regarding the cloud computing, advantages of cloud computing, risks in cloud computing and various approaches to solve those risks each with their pros and cons [5].

“A Novel Method for Storage Security in Cloud Computing” D.Kanchana, Dr. S.Dhandapani. International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT). Achieved the assurances of could data integrity and availability and enforce the quality of dependable cloud storage service for users [6].


Different studies about security in cloud computing concentrate on security of storage data in datacenter , improving the Qos , architecture and secure design in cloud computing. No one go deeply in the challenge of Data Loss/Leakage so we are going to solve this problem which is important that data is always in changer of being lost or stolen. METHODOLOGY:

• Literature Survey.• Studies on different methods and algorithms for security in cloud computing

• .Theoretical analysis of the existing methods.• Suggestion of new methods or enhance the existing methods. • Test new methods and validate through simulation.

Proposed research and research plan

Our plan for this research will be going as following:1. a literature survey and defined the problem which I am going to solve it.

2. Collecting different research and papers in the same field to see different technique using for the seam purpose (I expect 3 months for this work).

3. Describe the concept of the methods and discuss theoretically the new techniques in this area and how it is different from the others and how this method can exist and validate my aims (I expect 8 months for this work).

4. Through Implementation we are going to implement methods and hopefully get the wanted results (I expect 6 months for this work).

5. Time on time and according to the result I am going to publish some papers. Implications

Not decided yet , there are different software for implementing the techniques of security such as Matlab, Java or simulators such Ns-2 , Glomosim, Opnet.


After completing the work findings will be given.


After completing the work conclusion will be drawn and suggestion will be given.


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