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Case study: You are a social care worker and a service user, Hannah, tells you that she is unhappy taking her new medication as she thinks she does not need it and so she is throwing it away. You know from her care plan that Hannah does need to take the medication regularly and gets confused. Hannah begs you to keep this confidential and not tell anyone especially her daughter, who she sees regularly, as her daughter will be very angry. Bi: How would you explain the term ‘confidentiality’ to Hannah?

I would explain to Hannah that I will uphold my confidentiality if it does not put her life at risk or harm herself or others around her, If she or others is at risk it has to be reported and not taking her medication that has been prescribed by the doctor could be dangerous for her and therefore needs to be reported. Bii: Describe the possible tensions that may arise between telling others of Hannah’s decision not to take her medication and keeping this information totally confidential? Telling others of Hannah’s decision may affect your relationship to Hannah.

This might form a barrier between you and Hannah. keeping it confidential could put the client service user at risk and cause tension between you and your managers at work or even you to lose your job. Bii: Describe ways to maintain confidentiality in day to day communication? Be careful that the people you are speaking to are trustworthy also make sure no one ‘un-wanted’ is listening in. (I normally sit in my car with the windows shut) Do not leave the clients information on show put it in a folder and take it in with you or close the folder and leave it on the car floor out of sight.

Only share information that is needed and don’t talk about other clients or carers to other clients or carers. Biv: Explain when and how a social care worker should get advice about confidentiality? A social worker should frequently be updated with changes to policies and procedures so that they are up to date and this can help them in their work. You can get extra information if you do not understand about confidentiality form your manager at work.