Engineering & Society

Section A (Compulsory question) QUESTION 1 The Federal Government is planning to build a Sports Complex in Kuala Selangor. When realized the complex will be able to promote sporting activities for people in Selangor and southern Perak. The facilities can be used by school children and adults. This complex is equipped so that it can be a venue for international events. This project once completed will help to stimulate the economic development of the surrounding areas. In preparing for big events Kuala Selangor council is planning for the township development.

This will include construction of new roads, hotels, good shopping area and other support facilities. You have been appointed as the consultant to propose the project. In your study you have to address public safety in parts of the total project. This will include: i. Construction safety, ii. Environment protection, and iii. Safety of users. What are the questions to be asked and explain why the clarifications are necessary. You may look at the situation according to your area of expertise. (40 marks) (Total: 40 marks)

CONFIDENTIAL/2 FOE/KFS4382/JULY11 Section B (Choose any two questions) QUESTION 2 Discuss the dilemma that engineers face in balancing capital expenditure versus optimum design for efficient operations and maintenance, bearing in mind the impact of capital expenditure on the engineer’s fees. (Total: 30 marks) QUESTION 3 “No person shall, unless he is a Professional Engineer in practice, carry on business or take up employment which requires him to carry out or perform professional engineering services.

” Using examples in your line of expertise, give 6 (six) reasons why the above statement has to be enforced properly. (Total: 30 marks) QUESTION 4 “Engineers should perform their duties regardless of whether these acts are good to the most affected. ” An example of this is the right of the owners to stop a Dam project on their lands. In this case this dam is for irrigation, flood control and water transportation. Discuss the above statement. (Total: 30 marks) END OF QUESTION PAPER CONFIDENTIAL/3