Engineering and Qatar Exxon Mobil

To start with, it has been my dream to become a successful engineer when I complete my studies in the field of engineering. Since I was a small child, I had a special passion for this particular area of interest. This is because I see this career as a good reason for the evolution of life and satisfaction of my long cherished ambition. From this point, I started to focus my efforts on fulfilling this aspiration. To me, engineering is a great field of human endeavor that requires challenge, initiative and hard work. It is worthwhile to indicate that my uncle has been a great source of support and inspiration to me on many occasions.

He spared no pains to encourage me to excel in Mathematics and Physics in particular. He never hesitates to take me along with him to his office and provide me with good doses of practical, hands-on experience. He has also been keen to show me around in the different branches of the Telecommunications giant in Qatar i.e. QTEL. I also had the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and theories in communications. He helped me a great deal to learn new things related to engineering and advised me to keep focused on the area I like most. As a communications engineer, he introduced me to all disciplines relating to this particular field. I was so impressed by the architects, both civil and electrical engineering.

He made me really love this area. My interest in science dates back to my high school where I excelled in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. However, the subjects that I like most are Physics and Math. Therefore, I was very much interested in participating in the competitions of Mathematics and Physics educational contest “Olympiads” under the supervision of the school teachers and management.

During the competitions, I was able to acquire a good array of skills such as analysis, critical thinking and problem –solving. Teamwork, co-operation and initiative were key values that I have earned throughout the contests. Furthermore, I like so much to read avidly about Mathematics and Physics. Some of the textbooks that I have read are mainly about Calculus and Capacitors. Equally important, I used to surf the internet in my spare time to gain more information about different educational competitions of Physics and Mathematics. I have been keen to be more conversant with the autobiographies of leading scientists and researchers.

Teachers of Physicshave performed a central role in supporting my learning experience as they have always offered me advice and guidance to read more and more about Physics as it is a very important subject that enriches our life in so many ways. I have also taken part in a program called “How to be a leader”. It was launched by a world- wide energy giant i.e. Exxon Mobil. My participation in the competition Physics Olympiad which took place locally contributed effectively to my basic skills as I acquired a greater amount of ICT knowledge.

It is important to highlight that I frequently visit Texas A & M University in Qatar and attended lectures presented by Dr. Mike Ykold, Dean of the University. The lectures used to focus on different types of engineering and the various courses available. I was fortunate enough to speak to students who tried to tell us some information about this wonderful area and how useful this area is significant to our life. Extracurricular activities play a great role in our life to build skills and promote capabilities, don’t they?

I believe that sports are indispensible in our life. When I was a child, I was a footballer. I used to play soccer for many years specially in the elementary years up to grade 12. However, my father advised me to keep focused on my studies. Voluntary work has been my dedication I have invested a great deal of time and efforts to render a lot of services and make contributions to my community.

To be specific, I volunteered for 10 hours in the Club World Volleyball Championship hosted by Qatar in 2011. I also volunteered at the Qatar Exxon Mobil Tennis Open for 25 hours and Finally, I volunteered in a program to train students in work experience and community service which lasted for 25 hours as a mandatory requirements of my school. I gained a considerable experience that enriched my personal life and boosted my interpersonal communications skills.

Of the things that I like to do is to attend lectures at the Education City University located in Qatar. I attended a lecture in CMU. Mr. Nico Habermann was a key note speaker. He conducted a session on Computer Science. I also attended a presentation about “Accounting-based Performance Matrix and Executive Compensation in Non Profit Organizations” by Amy Swaney, Phd. candidate, Michigan State University. I have been passionate about people of different cultures and backgrounds.

I crave to go on a trip to Russia with my classmates to explore other cultures. Besides that, I have an interesting social life, and many friends on the Facebook and twitter. After so many struggles, I am now emotionally and mentally ready to continue my undergraduate studies at your reputed university to have a rewarding career in the future as a successful engineer. In the end, I would like to be accepted and to be one of the students. I also hope to complete post graduate studies after my graduation to obtain a master degree in engineering at your most esteemed educational edifice.

Gaid Saed